Do you think there is a front runner on #thebachelor? I'm not so sure.

The Bachelor better be good tonight because I have had a headache all day long (after the dentist) and could be watching speed skating or something. Actually, I might be working on my craft inventory Excel sheet if it weren't for blogging. I'd have to be doing something, or I would be asleep. In fact, I'm afraid this show may put me to sleep.

Let's just say it has been a long past couple of weeks.

Anyway! Onto Arie and the few women that are left. Who will make it to hometowns?

It's off to Tuscany, and I think Arie is more interested in the pasta than the women. He may be the first bachelor to legitimately eat on the show. The women meet up with Chris Harrison who gives them the rundown of the week. There will not be a rose ceremony this week. There are three one-on-ones and one group date. The roses for hometowns will be given during the dates. There are seven women left. This shall get a bit interesting. Four stay and three go.

After settling into their hotel, the first date card comes.

"Becca K. - Let's fall in love under the Tuscan sun. - Arie"

She had the very first one-on-one date of the season. I couldn't tell you what they did though. He tells them they are going to a cute little city. He's never been there, but he knows it is cute. He's eager for this date because he wants to see if there's anything left after their relationship stalled since he has dated all these women since their date. He didn't exactly say that, the last part is my words. They buy some bread and cheese and head out for a picnic.

Becca asks what his confidence level is with them. Arie says he wants to make sure there's still something there. Becca tells him how in her head she was last week. She tells him how much she wants to be there and open up to him. Watching him kiss her is weird. It's probably that way with everyone, but I'm too busy typing to really notice.

Back at the hotel, Jacqueline doesn't feel good about what's going on. She has some doubts. There are some women who are confident with him. Her? Not so much and doesn't know if she wants to introduce him to her family. She cannot visualize him having conversations with her family. Kendall advises her to have a real talk with him.

Arie asks Becca who he would meet. Mom, stepdad Tim (who didn't like her ex), and Uncle Gary for sure. Becca says she is more confident today in bringing him home. She tells him how she is falling for him. Lean in for more kissing. I still don't know how they all don't have mono or the flu or something. He felt the passion, so she gets the rose. Arie says he is falling for her too.

Time for another date card!

"Lauren - Let's break down our walls. - Arie."

Miss Mary Jane Farmer, I mean Bekah thinks this sucks since Lauren just had a date last week.

Jacqueline is acting off, and the women ask her about it. She says she doesn't feel well. After Becca gets back home, Jacqueline goes to Arie's room to talk to him. He kisses her as a welcome. She decides to pick up and drink his wine.

She tells Arie that she didn't expect to have super strong feelings, but got swept off her feet by him. Jacqueline says she isn't sure they are far enough along for her to take him home. She's also worried about ending up married in Scottsdale wondering how she got there because they didn't have a firm base. Arie's response is, "You know that doesn't have to happen right away."

She is really attracted to him, but doesn't want to regret a decision to leave in 10 minutes. She kisses him. Arie asks if she is afraid of what it might feel like to fall in love. She wants to feel more confident. All he can say is he really likes her and doesn't want it to be over. I guess she thinks kissing him will help her make a decision. She says she's going to go, then kisses him again. Arie tells her, "If you regret it, come back to me."

She tells the girls she is leaving. Some of them start to cry. Ok, Kendall starts to cry. Arie seems to be crying. Jacqueline just thinks she sucks at being happy.

The next morning, Arie says what Jacqueline did was brave, but he has to put that behind him. It's time to build on last week's date with Lauren which as he puts it, "ended great."

They go biking around town, and Arie shows off his best daredevil bicycle tricks. They find a place to get gelato. They walk around quietly again. He wants to know where she is in the relationship and if she is ready for him to meet her family. Lauren says she needs today to make that decision. Their conversation is interrupted by kids playing soccer. A ball hits their table, so they get up to play. Completely staged!

The women are chatting a bit when there is a knock at the door. A date card. Becca brings it in.

"Seinne - I'm searching for the one. - Arie."

There isn't really anything said before we go back to the Lauren date. They talk about the possibility of a hometown date again. She talks a little bit about how she felt after the last date. He ends up getting up and walking out. I'm not sure what exactly was said. Lauren thinks she said too much too soon. When he returns, Arie says he is nervous. He wants to meet her family, but he is so nervous. He has felt some things he hasn't felt in a very, very long time. He feels vulnerable with her and her saying she is falling for him makes him happy. He gives her the rose.

Arie believes the bar has been set with his last two dates. He has been impressed with Seinne so far. He expects big things.

When Arie thinks of Italy, he thinks of food, so they are going to go truffle hunting. The meet up with a hunter and his truffle hunting dogs. They go off in the woods and start digging up truffles. After following him around for a while, he takes them home for lunch with his family.

Part of the family asks Seinne a lot of questions in Italian and put her on the spot. Inside, Arie is making pizza and being grilled by the women.

Later on, they "eat" again during the evening portion of the date. They talk about if they are nervous for hometowns. She's more logical, and he's more emotional in decisions. Does she think she's ready for this?

The women at the hotel talk about if they are ready for next week. No one seems all that confident. The last date card arrives. 

"Bekah M., Tia, Kendall - Meet me at ... somewhere Italian."

Back on the date, Arie struggles to feel deep emotion. He tells her that nothing has gone wrong, but they should be further along. He can't give her the rose and walks her out to the car. The women are surprised when the mystery person comes in to get Seinne's suitcase.

Group date time! They are at an estate at one time owned by Napoleon's sister. 

Tia is going to act like she is the only one there.

Kendall gets her time with Arie first. They talk about if she's ready for hometowns. How would their lives look like afterwards? She would be willing to move.

Bekah M. tells Tia that she wants to be here with Arie, but also wants to go home and be at her house with friends and family.

Tia and Arie get some time. She's stressed out, and feels like it's her duty to say her peace about how she feels about Bekah. She doesn't think Bekah is on the same page which she thinks is a big deal because Tia really wants to be there and has feelings for him.

Tia does tell Bekah she talked to Arie about her. Tia tells Bekah she needs to be sure about how she is feeling. Bekah falls apart. She feels misunderstood and is crying when she meets up with Arie. She doesn't like when she is not seen for show she really is. It's a rough start to their conversation.

Arie asks Bekah if he can ask her some hard questions. Her family was skeptical of her doing this. She doesn't think they will be worried about the age difference though. She then shows him some of her gray hairs. She feels better now.

When it is time for roses, Arie says there is one person he was very confident with. He is very excited to meet Kendall's family. He sends her off saying they will talk more that night. Kendall never looks confident before she gets a rose. I'm almost surprised. I think she'll be surprised when he proposes. 

However, we still don't know yet of the other two which will get a rose. They meet Arie for dinner. He takes Tia off first. Tia firmly tells him that she is excited, is falling for him, is into it. Arie says he can see himself with her family in a loud room.

Bekah does her doe-eyed, have faith in me thing. She thinks she's ready for marriage, but will Arie think she is?

Back at the table with the two of them, Arie tells them he is confident with the decision he is making and gives Tia the rose. He walks Bekah out. She gets in the car and ugly cries.

Next week is going to get really weird with Kendall's taxidermy collection. None of the families seem welcoming in the previews. That could be editing because you know it's not going to be like that for everyone. At least they won't be that way in the end. 

I'm honestly not sure there's a future here for any of them. I just don't see it!

By the way, I will watch, but not blog about The Bachelor Winter Games. Ain't nobody got time for that! Too many people to keep track of for one thing!