I said I wasn't going to write about #bachelorwintergames, but...

Image from https://twitter.com/BachWinterGames.

I know I said I wasn't going to blog about The Bachelor Winter Games, and I'm not going to do a recap post like I do for The Bachelor, but...

Oh, my goodness, y'all! If you watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, this is hilarious. I'm just finishing up the first of two episodes from this week. When the first episode started, with the parade of nations coming in (there are contestants from various countries) and the official anthem (which was horrendous and stupid), I thought, "This is going to be dumb." There still is an aspect of stupidity, don't get me wrong, but this is so much funnier than the normal show and so much better than Bachelor in Paradise.

I like people scrambling to find a connection - both men and women - and it's more interesting when you don't know EVERYONE. The people from other countries are interesting too. Except the girl from Japan who doesn't understand English. That's comedy relief too, but there's no way she's sticking around (well, she made it past the first episode, but still...). So far it's not as raunchy as Paradise.

I like the competition aspect. They compete in winter sports like the biathlon. Of course, very few have ever even been on skis. That's how you earn date cards (sort of like on Bachelor Pad).

Then, instead of every man picking a woman or vice versa when it's rose ceremony time, it's more like Survivor. The men vote a woman off, and the women vote a man off. The biggest vote getters go home. On the first episode, it's two men and three women. Who isn't there for the right reasons?


Other countries consider a kiss more special than the Americans. In some countries, only the final contestant got a kiss.

Ashley I. aka Ash Kardash will never, ever, ever change. She laugh/cries, and the one guy she zeroes in on always likes someone else.

Clare (from Juan Pablo's season) may actually find love, but it's going to be with someone from another country for sure.

Chris Harrison should have kept the scruff through until the end because it was hot.

Most of the people voted off were from outside of the US. If I make it through the second episode, I may come back and add to my post.