I love you, and I love you, and I love you. Arie loves them all! #thebachelor

Tonight's episode of The Bachelor picks up in Ica, Peru, also known as a place where Arie can see himself falling in love. (Yes, that is part sarcasm, but he really did say it.)

His first date is with Kendall. He always has fun with Kendall. 

Because Ica is where the desert meets the sea, they ride a dune buggy through the sand dunes. They have a driver, but the driver gets stuck going over a ridge. At least it seems that way. Then, they do the equivalent of snowboarding on the sand.

Kendall has to decide if she's ready to say, "Yes," if Arie proposes. She's not quite ready yet. She wants Arie to like her beyond being quirky and liking taxidermy. I'm sure the dead rats are not a reason he likes her, as such.

Later that evening, after hosing off all the sand, it's wine and dine. Arie thinks because they have so much fun, they don't really ask the hard questions of each other. Kendall says that's why she appreciated him pulling her aside during the last rose ceremony. Arie wants her to be ready for this.

Arie pulls out the fantasy suite card and asks Kendall what she thinks. She wants to know there is more than just the physical side. Since they have talked a little more today, she wants to "forgo" their individual rooms.

They were up all night "talking." The conversation evidently included a discussion of how she likes her eggs cooked because that's how he makes them for her the next morning.

He's falling in love with Kendall.

Next up is Arie's date with Lauren. He is excited to see her. 

They take a small plane and fly over geoglyphs. Arie explains what these are technically. They are basically crop circles but in shapes of other things like monkeys and birds.

Arie thinks Lauren is in her head. As usual, she's uber quiet.

Once they land and have lunch, she talks a little more. Lauren says she can see a future with him. However, the stronger her feelings are for him, the stronger her fears become (such as getting hurt). She needs to feel like she's the only girl he sees.

Arie thinks they are losing time together because he is spending his time reassuring her.

Over dinner, Arie tells Lauren that the sense of heaviness was obvious on the flight today, but he also tells her it is going to get harder. Lauren says she knows that he has reassured her all along the way, but she's been freaking out. It's because she really has feelings for him and is battling herself over the fact there are still other girls there. I don't know if she's digging for more clues about his plans for beyond next week or what.

Arie does get around to telling her how hard he has fallen for her. He does feel confident and actually says, "I love you." Kissy, kissy, fantasy suite card.

One thing is for sure, I don't think they stay up all night talking. One thing I absolutely know is that "How Do I Live Without You" (especially that rendition of it) playing in the background as they go to the fantasy suite is horrendous.

The next morning all is unicorns and rainbows. Lauren loves Arie, and she can't see Arie ending up with anyone else but her.

Final date of the week is Becca. 

There was something about her I liked from the beginning. I think she's the best choice of who is left. They go off on a boat and see seals and a huge flock of birds (seriously, that's what they show). She is giddy in love with him.

They lay back and talk about fears. Could they do long distance? Becca talks about doing long distance with her ex and how she always was the one putting out the effort. Arie flatly says, "Yeah, we've talked about that."

That night, they head to a fancy tent out on the dunes. She asks him about fears again. He enjoyed talking about the future today. He does kind of fear picking the wrong person.

These conversations have been so boring. She gets around to telling Arie that she loves him. In turn, Arie says he is falling in love with her. Three for three there, Arie.

Of course, it's a yes to the fantasy suite card. Their suite is a little pyramid tent. Kind of cool, but not as fancy as the other suites.

In his interview, Arie says he's about ready to propose in the sand dunes.

The next morning, Becca sees her life partner and the father of her children. She's definitely the one who is most vocal about her feelings.

Meanwhile back somewhere in town is Becca's ex, Ross. He didn't know this show ended in a proposal. Becca is the love of his life, and he went through a lot to track her down and find her. After Arie and Becca get back from the desert, Ross comes knocking on Arie's door. 

Ross comes on in to sit down and talk to Arie. Ross is more attractive than Arie, but that's beside the point. Ross says that the proposal at the end is his to give Becca. She's the only thing that's been on his mind for a year. He had to figure out how to reach someone with the show, then fly/drive/etc. to get to where they are in Peru.

Even though Becca and Ross were together for seven years, they broke up a year ago. Arie tells Ross if Becca isn't interested in getting back with him (Ross), he hopes Ross respects the relationship between him (Arie) and Becca. Ross sets out to find Becca.

When Becca opens the door, her facial expression is interesting. She wants to know how he found her. She won't let him into her room, but agrees to talk to him for a few minutes. Becca says she knew he was going to do this. He lays down some limpy tulips next to her. You can tell Ross doesn't want to talk in front of the cameras. Ross tells her he is there to win her back. He wants to marry her. Becca doesn't want him back. Ross admits defeat and leaves feeling a fool.

Becca is mad that Ross spoke to Arie. She hopes Arie doesn't doubt anything going on with them just because Ross showed up.

Arie needs to know that Becca's relationship is completely in the past. She arrives at Arie's door next and apologizes for Ross showing up. When Arie asks how she is, the answer is shocked and mad. He wants her to talk. This guy shows up thinking there might be some possibility of Becca coming back to him. Becca has been emotional talking about him before. It leaves Arie with some questions.

Prior to the rose ceremony, Arie has to sit down and talk to Chris Harrison. They talk about each woman. Once we see all the women getting ready for the ceremony and talking about how they feel, it's time to hand out roses.

Arie's speech is about how he knows this is going to lead to a proposal next week. Before he calls out the first name, he asks to talk to Kendall again. Off they go leaving Becca and Lauren behind. He pulls her aside because while they had a great time together, he just doesn't know that they can get to where he is with the others by next week. She saw it coming.

Arie walks Kendall to the car and sends her off. She wishes their connection started sooner because who knows where they may have ended up.

When he returns back to the others, Lauren gets the first rose and Becca the second. Arie tells them that next week they will meet his family.

I've read spoilers about all this drama Chris Harrison promises. Despite the amount of drama, I cannot believe it will be THREE HOURS on Monday. I don't know if I can deal.