Only on #thebachelor would playing with dead rats pass for a good date

If the previews are any indication, Arie isn't going to have fun visiting the hometowns and meeting families this week. The dads all seem pretty intense. 

Of course, three minutes after that in the context of the show, they will change their minds and give a blessing. At least, that's how it usually turns out.

First up is a trip to Kendall's hometown of Los Angeles. Arie may be scared off immediately when he sees Kendall's taxidermy collection which ranks with the one the dad had a few seasons ago. (Was it during Juan Pablo's season? I know I blogged about it, but can't find it with the search.) It reminds me of a trophy room here in town, and I have to say again what I am sure I have said before. Taxidermy creeps me out. There are some odd creatures. She says it's a way for her to appreciate animals. 

Kendall then gives him lessons in mounting rats that she then dresses up to represent the two of them. She even built a set for them. According to her, taxidermy is like a perfect relationship because it's something that lasts forever. Y'all, I'm telling you I'm about to come undone. When Kendall's relatives die, I can only imagine...

He takes it all in stride and enjoys it because they are doing it together. Arie says if he ends up with Kendall, she can have her taxidermy room, and he'll have his garage with cars.

After hopefully, washing their hands, they have some lemonade and talk about who he will be meeting. Dad, mom, brother and twin sister. The twin sister is supposed to be tough. 

Kendall's family asks what they did today. When she tells them about the rats, her sister claims Kendall is different as if Arie hasn't already noticed. Mom (Michelle) takes Kendall off to talk. Kendall tells mom about Arie saying that he's falling for her. Twin sis talks to Arie. Kylie says she sees something there, but also sees distance. Arie says he feels connected and is falling for her. There's chemistry, Kendall is the most interesting person he's ever dated... Yet, she's intellectual, and is she going to be ready from that standpoint for a proposal?

Kylie is worried about Kendall jumping in. The two sisters talk next. Kylie doesn't get the vibe that Kendall thinks this is undeniable love.

Arie talks to Dad (Bob) next. Dad is skeptical and brings up that if Arie asks permission to propose, the answer is, "No." This is because he doesn't think Kendall is there yet. Maybe eventually, and in that case they would be supportive. Kendall admits to Kylie that at the moment she is not ready to be engaged, but in two weeks... She is afraid to lose him. Kylie says she needs to be telling Arie this. however, they do not dig in before Arie heads off to his next city.

Next stop is Weiner, Arkansas, Tia's hometown. Population 716. I know places like this. They do have a racetrack nearby though, so that's where she takes him... to race old cars on a dirt track. 

Arie is obviously better at this than she is. When they climb out of their cars, they find a truck with a tailgate, pop open a beer, and talk about her family. He will meet Mom (Denise), Dad (Kenny), brother Jason, Aunt Carol and cousin Rhonda. The brother is the one most likely to ask, "What are your intentions...?"

Dad is anxious to meet Arie and jokes about getting out his shotgun. He thinks the handshake is going to tell them everything. When they arrive, they have a tray out on the table with Little Smokies cocktail wienies and pigs in a blanket. When in Weiner...

Brother takes him outside to talk. He's heard Arie is the kissing bandit and assorted rumors. He wants Arie to convince him that's not who he is. Arie says, "Well, I didn't give myself my own nickname. That was the name I was given last time, but I have grown up in the time since then."

Brother is bald, has earrings like Mr. Clean, and with the accent, he comes off intimidating. However, Arie wins him over.

Dad talks to Tia, and wants to know if it is luuvvv. Dad heard he might be a ladies' man. Dad turns into mush and says, alright when Arie asks permission if it gets to that point. "If you hurt her, I can find you on Google," Dad warns.

While Tia does talk to her mom, I'm not sure why the aunt and cousin are there. I had to back it up to see if they really were.

On the porch swing before he leaves, Tia professes her love for Arie. With that, it's off to another woman. 

Arie heads to Minneapolis, Becca's home. She has a day at the apple orchard planned. They pick and eat apples. Her family had a couple of apple trees when she was a kid and has great memories of her family and apples growing up. He climbs a tree, carves their initials in another, make caramel apples, and have a good ol' time. 

Becca gives the rundown of who will be there. Her mom (Jill), Uncle Gary (a minister  - she asks Arie if she has mentioned this before) who was like a second father since Becca's father died when she was 19, then they get to talking about Gary, and we don't know who else will be there. Becca warns that Uncle Gary will ask lots of questions about the process and such. 

There are several uncles and aunts in attendance. One of which thinks this is all way to fast. Yeah, that was Gary talking before Arie and Becca arrived. 

Mom starts off the conversation by asking how this experience was different than when he was one of the 29. Everyone else at the table is giving some weird looks. Gary pulls Arie off to talk. Gary tells Arie about Becca's father, Steve. The family is close because they have seen so much illness and tragedy. Gary wants to know if this is the real deal, which Arie says it is. Arie says he has feelings for her. They talk about spiritual topics. Arie is not where Becca is in her faith, but tells Gary he would go to church with her if she were to go. 

Mom, Jill, says she likes Arie so far. Becca asks if Mom is ready if Arie asks for permission to propose. Mom is not ready. Becca does assure her that she sees a good father/partner in Arie. Her mom trusts her though. 

Mom talks to Arie next. Arie gives Jill permission to ask the hard questions. They talk about his parents' relationship and if he and Becca have a mutual level of commitment. As with every set of parents, Arie says he is falling for his/her/their daughter. He asks permission to propose. Mom says he trusts her daughter's decision. She also apologizes for her weird family which I suspect was stranger than what we saw.

Arie snuggles up with Becca before heading out of town. He tells Becca that Mom gave her blessing. 

The last stop on the hometown tour is Lauren's family abode in Virginia Beach. She has planned for them to ride horses on the beach. From there, they climb a lighthouse. Not much conversation, of course.

They eat crab legs as she tells him that her family is protective, so she has been nervous about introducing him. Mom wonders if he realizes how conservative the family is. There's parents, grandparents, and siblings. 

Right off the back, they ask Arie to speak something in Dutch. Then silence. She comes by her quietness honestly. Dad asks if he's ever met a military family. No. Does he play golf? Nope. 

As is the norm with Lauren, Arie has to step out of the room a minute. This time, it's because he is nervous and sweating. Can you say awkward?

Lauren's aunt is more talkative and has a conversation with her. Aunt would give a blessing though. 

Dad takes Arie outside. Arie tries to make conversation about flying planes. Arie wins Dad over easily when he tells a story about a number of racers going over to Iraq and visiting with the troops. Dad says that if Lauren likes him, he'll like him. The conversation goes better than expected.

Mom and Arie talk next. He's falling in love with her daughter. How about the others? Is he compartmentalizing the relationships? The yes answer concerns her. Mom asks if he is saying the same thing to all of them. Of course, he lies! He asks Mom for a blessing though. She has to defer to trusting Lauren.

Mom and Lauren talk next. It's a conversation without many words. Lauren says Arie is a lot like her though. Lauren says he thinks Arie is genuine and isn't saying the same thing to everyone. Mom doesn't believe her. 

Before he leaves, Arie and Lauren have a little talk. He tells Lauren that her mom was really hard on him. 

Everyone arrives back at the mansion in LA for the rose ceremony. I guess the family who lives there had to be kicked out again for a short period of time.

Arie arrives without knowing what he's going to do. He better make up his mind quick because the women are waiting on him. He walks in, starts his speech, then leaves the room like Lauren is the only one there. That's a joke. 

He comes back and says that honestly, the decision is terribly hard. He asks to talk to Kendall, so they walk out. The remaining ladies don't know what to think. 

Arie wants to know if she thinks she can get to the point of being ready to be engaged at the end. Is she ready to get married? At this very moment, she can't say she is ready to be engaged, yet she sees so much in him and isn't ready for it to end. Kendall doesn't know what he needs from her. 

Meanwhile, Tia wants to know who he is trying to choose between. She has to hush when Arie comes back in the room.

First rose goes to Becca. 

Second rose goes to Lauren.

After a long, dramatic pause, the final rose goes to Kendall.

Tia just got her answer. She goes home, and her dad can look up Arie on Google after he pulls out his shotgun.

Tia cries on Arie's shoulder, and he walks her out. She did not expect this. They sit outside by the fountain where he hugs her again. She wants to know what she did wrong. He assures Tia she didn't do anything wrong. No, she wasn't over confident. Arie admits he doesn't have a good explanation and that he sat up all night last night. There was just something missing. 

Arie puts Tia in the limo. Ugly cry time. Maybe for both of them. 

On Sunday, we get The Women Tell All. Then, on Monday, we get the fantasy suite week in Peru when someone's ex shows up.