We interrupt the usual Sunday blog to bring you #thebachelor The Women Tell All

I posted my Sunday video on Saturday so that my post on The Bachelor wouldn't be double long on Monday. Tonight was a special Sunday night episode of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, so you get back-to-back posts.

Tonight is supposed to be one of the most dramatic Women Tell All ever, of course, followed by an ending to the season like never before. We wouldn't expect anything less.

After starting off with a "Best Of" reel from Tell Alls past featuring some women I remember, but not necessarily which men they were after each time, we are re-introduced to 18 women (from the 29 was it?) from this season. There's three left, so I guess eight of the early departures aren't there. I have to be honest, I couldn't have picked several of these out of a line-up. The season has gone by quickly, but I might just be losing my memory. Honestly, I've had some other, heavier, things on my mind lately, so maybe that played a part. There's always the case they weren't that memorable and were only shown for five minutes anyway.

Cue the video reel of everyone reacting to how hot they thought Arie was. Then, Annaliese talking about all her traumatic moments and the women making fun of her. Then more women making fun of other women. Everyone talking about Bekah M's immaturity. Their live reactions of the reel... Everyone making fun of Krystal and Krystal's ridiculousness.

There's a discussion of glam-shaming or not glam-shaming. Was Chelsea glam-shamming Marikh?Chelsea gives Marikh a mirror so she never has to look at her hair in a compass again, and Marikh just puts it down on the floor.

Then, the conversations to Bekah M. and the age thing. She and Tia get into it. Bekah is distracting because her earrings are bigger than her head and have feathers. Some women defend Bekah's age and maturity. I guess we'll get to rehash this later when she gets on the hot seat.

OH MY GOODNESS. Bekah just apologized for being born in 1995. I just realized I graduated high school the year she was born. I knew she was young, but it just dawned on me.

All the women start bickering about something. I'm still getting over this 1995 thing, so I don't know what it was about. Chris Harrison calls a time out for commercial.

The first person on the hot seat is Krystal, the most annoying breather ever.

Cue the clip of the first time Arie met Krystal and their deep breathing. Then, the first date in Arizona, followed by the clips of her not wanting to tell the girls about her date. From there, it's a move into Krystal's whiniest moments. Some never before scenes of Krystal using bleepable language leaves Bibiana with her jaw on the ground. We end with scenes of Krystal being passive aggressive before she is ultimately left alone on the two-on-one date.

Chris asks Krystal how she feels watching it. She says in retrospect she should have been nicer and develop friends. The women light into her, especially the barely memorable Caroline who says Krystal acted like a sociopath in every interview. The women start talking over each other again.

After another commercial, Chris asks about the bowling date. Krystal defends her actions by saying she felt rejected by Arie allowing the losers to come on the date. She was concentrating on her relationship with Arie, not her relationships with anyone else or anyone else with Arie.

Sienne just wants her to acknowledge that she said rude things about all the rest of them. Oliivia asks what her real voice sounds like because she sounds different now than the breathy one she had on the show. She claims she lost her voice for six weeks while she was on the show and was quieter and gentler in talking to Arie. Krystal closes her interview by saying she behaved like she did because she was trying to gain control. She adds that her younger brother saw her on the show and realized how much she cared for him, so is now off the streets and her family is closer. Therefore, doing the show was worth it.

Moving on, we are reminded of Sienne's time on the show via her highlight reel.

Sienne talks about her time with Arie, how she sees she didn't have the relationship some of the others had. However, she was a little confused by how well their date was going during the day to be sent home at the end of the night. I really don't know why she landed in the hot seat.

It's time for Bekah M. and talk of her age. And more talk about her age. And...

Now, I absolutely think she was too young, but the comments about her age now impact her off the show. She rightly points out that there were women just a couple of years older than her on the show, but no one made a deal about them. Bekah points out it was Arie thinking he was too old for her.

Chris asks about the missing person's story. It all boils down to her not having phone service on the marijuana farm she was at while camping out with friends for a couple of weeks.

They call her mom to make sure Mom doesn't report her missing. It's here that Chris tells Mom she will be missing a couple of weeks in the summer because she'll be on Bachelor in Paradise.

Time for Tia. 

Oh, now, I remember the awful introduction via Weiner jokes. (Yes, I have to spell it wrong according to auto correct because that is the way the town spells it.) She gets emotional watching her highlights, especially getting sent home. She really could see a future, introduced him to her family, and was in love with him.

Chris reveals that when Arie came back in after letting her go and said he may have made a mistake.

Arie finally comes out.

Right off the bat, Tia asks about why he sent her home over Kendall. Arie tells about where he was in the moment and the question he asked Kendall.

Chris asks Jacqueline if there is anything she wanted to say. She defends Arie regarding some thing that were said about her focusing on her PhD. They were just ready for two different things at that point. All is good.

They move on to talking about Bekah and her age. He was afraid at her age she may not have been ready for marriage in the same way he was. It really did throw him off when he learned her age.

Caroline then hits him with, "You said you wanted to get married this whole time. I know what you did, and I don't know how you could do that." Arie and some of the women know what she's saying, but I have no idea what's going on there. Evidently, it applies to how the season ends, but no one can talk about it.

Krystal asks to share the couch with Arie. She says their goodbye felt cold to her. He says, "Looking back, it seems pretty appropriate." BURN! Now that he has watched back, he thinks he let it go on further than it should have because of the hurtful things Krystal said about him and about the women. 

Then she talks about dangling carrots and spending time with other girls. His response, "This is The Bachelor." He maturely tells her that up until now, he gave her the benefit of the doubt. Chris Harrison says, "You haven't even seen the ____________________ clip." I think he may have back stage. 

I've actually been impressed with how Arie has handled himself the whole time. Other than all the kissing, he has been pretty mature and even headed.

Time for the blooper reel and previews of the next episode. Chris promises it is is an ending you don't see coming. He should have let Caroline talk more because she's more convincing than Chris Harrison.

The credits roll to clips of Arie actually eating all of his meals this season. That may have been the best part of the show.