Faith & Lettering

I am so embarrassingly overdue with this post! I was scrolling though Instagram a few months ago, and a friend at Worthy Publishing had posted about the new releases from Krystal Whitten. I rarely ask for anything because I know I am over committed most of the time, but I really, really wanted to take a look at these and promised that I was good for a post. Better late than never, right.

These are the Faith & Lettering  guide book and journal. Keep scrolling for a peek inside.

Krystal walks you through the steps of lettering, letting you trace first, then add details and practice.

Although I have my own style of lettering, I am not great at flourishes and banners, so I think this will help me work on those areas.

The guide shows different styles of lettering and how to add shadows and other effects.

See... this is what I need to work more on.

There's plenty of space inside to practice.

I have to admit, I haven't had a chance to practice in my books yet, but I have a lot of things I want to do in the studio this summer to prepare for fall. I'm going to have to reference them. Check out Krystal's website, and social media. There are great gifts available for the graduate, moms, or any other occasion.