One hoard influence another

After cutting a number of paws and musical notes last week, we decided to try a few more things this week.

Actually, "a few" isn't an accurate descriptor.

I had someone ask about a Longhorn after doing a state of Texas on the closest thing to a Texas orange book I had. I'm hoping to get a few more of these books at some point so I can make more. I said I wasn't going to post it on Facebook because I couldn't replicate it right now.

My hoard of books is well documented on this blog. I also have a hoard of small MDF shapes organized in boxes by theme (animals, crosses, hearts, fall, western, even fruit). So, I started pulling out random shapes as patterns to cut.



I have a bunch of brown books I need to use, so I hope people decorate for fall.

Dad was determined to do a goat because he liked the pattern.

We do a lot of baseball items, so this seemed obvious.

We aren't a fan of the golf ball on a tee in grass. It just looks odd. 
Apples for teachers.

I actually didn't have a pattern for this one, but I had my reasons for the pepper.