I need to work on my feathers

After church on Sunday night, Rachel came over after we went to dinner. She brought her cross stitch to work on while I got out a canvas to work on. You ought to see some of the ambitious projects she takes on. They are awesome, but extremely tedious and time-consuming. I wouldn't have the patience, at all.

I got most of my project done before she left, and finished it up shortly after.

On Monday, she worked most of the day on stitching. She sent me a picture of the start of the day verses where she quit for the day and asked me how many signs I got made on my day off. When I told her I had lettered 10, her response was she needed a faster hobby.

Even though I lettered those 10 signs, I didn't make much of a dent in my piles. I need to get those piles done so I can make more piles. The goal is to stockpile the summer in order to be ready for the fall and not have to make as much on the weeks in between events. I'm usually not great with goals, so we'll see how this goes.