In the mailbox

I've gotten so many books recently via e-book or other electronic files, I've missed getting boxes and packages of books, other than big boxes of Readers Digest books from eBay.

These are some of the Abingdon Press titles I'm working on right now. I'm doing publicity for a couple of them and helping with marketing on all of them. I'm able to branch out into some other things which is kind of exciting on one hand and has me a little nervous on another.

Speaking of those aforementioned boxes of books from eBay, someone needs to keep me off of eBay. A week or so ago, I was talking about eBay lots with Dad and popped off thinking I was low-balling someone on an "Or Best Offer" on a big bunch of books only to have my offer accepted about 30 seconds later (or less). It was super quick. For days, Dad joked about my 78 books coming that I didn't necessarily need, at least not right away.

Well, when they arrived in three big boxes, it ended up only being 76 (Dad said that's what I got for knocking $50 off their "Buy It Now" price). I got those put away and finally got all of my books organized and put on the shelf I bought at an Estate Sale on Sunday. All except a couple of boxes I still didn't have room for on said new shelf. I'd also like to point out right here, that I bought the shelf to go in the closet I cleaned out, however, said shelf did not fit. It's 36" wide, and the closet is 37" wide. The door to the closet is not 36" wide and there is no way to get it into the closet and turned. So, I had to move stuff around in the craft studio.

You know what I did today after just getting the shelves organized last night? I was scrolling through eBay because I got tempted by the daily alert for searched items on my phone. I found another OBO lot of books. I put in an offer for $45 less than what they wanted. A few minutes later, my offer was accepted, and I have 58 more books on the way.

I expected a little back and forth action on both of these bids. I got accepted way too quickly meaning I should have started my bid lower.

The good news is, Dad can cut all these other patterns just about to his heart's content, and we'll have a good stock for all of our back-to-back-to-back shows this fall without me being in a panic and willing to pay more for books when I get in a pinch. (We'll ignore the fact we may run out of booth space.)

I'm not freaked out by how many hundreds of books I have in my house. However, I'm going to have to keep myself off of eBay until I at least get some more of them cut.