Summer isn't officially here, but I'm over it already

What happened to spring?

It stayed relatively cool for a while, then it got really hot really quick. Two or three weeks ago, there were parts of the country still getting snow. Now everyone is hitting high temperatures.

I went out to Home Depot, then did some replanting in the backyard and almost melted. I hate being hot and sticky, so I'm already over the heat and it's May.

When I came in, I had to cool down the craft studio so I can start making a dent in the piles. Piles and piles of stuff Dad has painted for me, but I haven't finished. I've been coming down from the office too late recently to get anything done at night, so it's mostly just weekend crafting these days. Here's something I just finished off. I really wish I had not started the writing at an angle like I did. It drives me nuts.