Gotta up my game

Since going out on my own in March, I've branched out in some of the things I do myself vs. what members of my team did before. That includes social media management and graphics work. I think I am doing a good job in those areas for my clients, but my own accounts are still neglected to an extent.

Hopefully, this summer, before I get neck deep in crafting for fall, I'll find some time to do better. I don't know who I'm kidding because I need to be starting the fall projects now. Maybe I'll at least work some of it in better. 

I also need to make myself a PR website. I need it to showcase the projects I'm working on. I could outsource it, but I know I'm capable of doing it on my own. That's something that sooner or later I have to find the time for. My to-do list is a to-do book!