Now that spring events are over...

This weekend, we had our last event until fall starts. We've come to decision that with the exception Derrick Days in April in Corsicana, we will no longer do any spring events or outside events.

I don't know how I gave into doing the one we did this weekend. Dad says he doesn't think it was him, but I said he kept asking about it, and I probably signed up so that he would not ask about it again.

I'll tell you how bad it got. I left Mom and Dad to tend shop and drove up the road from Mansfield to Arlington with the trailer attached to go shopping for some things I needed for VBS at Mardel's and to Hobby Lobby for ribbon. I didn't find the backdrop I needed for VBS, but loaded up on ribbon since it I finally hit a half off week for ribbon when I needed it.

I even stopped at Lane Bryant to look for some clothes before heading back.

This is some advice I have though: If you need to venture into Arlington around 157 and I-20 to shop, with traffic what it is and parking what it is, don't bring a trailer along. I'm glad I left Mom in Mansfield because she would have been a nervous wreck riding with me.

While I was at Hobby Lobby, they were starting to stock fall stuff. You know that means that Christmas will soon follow. Christmas balls make an appearance at the top of the shelves in the back sometime in June. That's ok though, during the summer, I am going to stock up on all my fall and Christmas crafts because we are going to stack our events as much or more than last year. I'm going to need those Christmas supplies soon.

Hey, I get why everyone groans when the Christmas goes out in June or July at Hobby Lobby. I used to be a groaner myself. However, the hard core hobby people need it then, before it hits 100 degrees!