COLTON! JUMP the fence already!

Bring on the drama!

Supposedly, this is supposed to be the week of the fence jumping. Finally. We've been seeing a tease for it for six weeks.

On the Colton cam, our Bachelor is contemplating the warnings of Sydney, Demi and Katie. They all gave a similar warning of some people there being ready and some not. Of some women being just shiny things.

After time in Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam, it's back to the states, specifically, Denver, CO.

There are seven women left. How many will go home tonight? Next week is hometowns, so at least two, traditionally three since usually four go to on hometown dates.

Colton meets up with Ben Higgins for a chat. Ben warns that everything so far is nothing compared to the couple of weeks ahead.

Colton tells Ben about the warnings from the women. Colton says it is terrifying. He needs answers before meeting family. Ben tells Colton he needs to be telling/asking the women face-to-face about this. Ben asks how Colton feels about falling in love with multiple people after he admits that he is.

The women all meet up with Colton who has his dog out in a park. Colton tells him there will be a rose on every single date, and the dates start now.

Colton asks Tayshia if she's ready to go. They had off together as the rest of the women watch the first of them to go on a second one-on-one.

Colton shows Tayshia the sites of Denver. They get some ice cream, pick up some food to cook for dinner, then instead of taking it home to put in the fridge, sit down for drinks. Colton tells Tayshia about what was said last week. He knew by looking at Tayshia that they weren't talking about her. (Ok... If you say so.)

Heather and Caelynn are back at the hotel, thankful the women from last week didn't name names. They are thankful their names didn't come up.

On the date, Tayshia says she thinks that the two people the women were talking about were Caelynn and Cassie. She says those two have talked about being the next Bachelorette and the parties they were going to get to go to after this. Tayshia says those two don't think they are ready to get engaged.

Now, whether that is true or if Tayshia is trying to get rid of some competition, I don't know. I can't tell by looking at her. Maybe Colton can.

Before this, Colton wasn't questioning Caelynn and Cassie. Now she is.

Colton says Tayshia deserves a good date tonight, but he doesn't know if he can give her what she deserves given this news.

That evening the two cook together and almost chop fingers off trying to be cutesy.

Colton asks Tayshia if her family will be ready for this if he goes home with her next week (based on how her last relationship went which ended in divorce). She says her dad will be hesitant and have questions. His personality type is to be a hard ***.

All the women are awaiting the next date card. None of them want to see anyone come back from the dates. 

The card reads: "Caelynn... Meet me in the Rockies!"

Cassie starts crying. Hannah B. starts wiping away tears. 

Back on the date... Colton gives Tayshia the date rose. The first one guaranteed a hometown date. As of tonight, and Tayshia walking in with an "UNDERWOOD" jersey, he's starting to fall in love with her.

The next day, Tayshia and Kirpa talk. Tayshia tells her the dirt she dished yesterday about Caelynn and Cassie. 

Speaking of Caelynn...

Caelynn meets Colton on a mountain. People get left on mountain tops. Just saying.

Colton gives Caelynn snowboarding lessons. While all of this is going on, he knows he's going to have to address what Tayshia told him. They sit down, and he digs in. Comments about not being ready... About being the next Bachelorette. She looks more genuine than Tayshia did yesterday. She says it doesn't make sense to her.

Caelynn says the only person that knows if she is ready for marriage is her. She's floored that the whole Bachelorette comment came up. She said she wouldn't have put herself through this just to end up with a boyfriend at the end. Caelynn says she is ready to get engaged and none of this other junk came out of her mouth. (In her produced interview, she has some choice, bleepable words for Tayshia.)

A lot of people thing her getting mad and calling names means she's guilty. I'd be mad if I were falsely accused.

Colton is really down as he sits down for the "dinner" portion of the date. She's starting to get teary as Colton tells her she won't go through her doors at home if he isn't sure about it. She tries to convince him of what she wants. She pulls out the, "I'm falling in love with you."

Tayshia is not going to be pleased. Caelynn gets the date rose because Colton is starting to fall in love with her too. Cue concert at Red Rocks Amptheater where Colton's friend Brett Young is there just for the two of them.

Date card time... Will there be a two-on-one this season?

"Hannah B. - Home is where the heart is."

I haven't mentioned this week about how much I dislike her. Hannah G. and Cassie are most troubled it seems. Kirpa and Heather didn't get dates either. But then again, did we really expect those two to get hometowns?

The next morning, Caelynn talks to Cassie about what Tayshia told Colton. Little does Cassie know that Tayshia said that about her too. Caelynn thought she and Tayshia were friends and doesn't get how she could be so mean and nasty.

Caelynn pulls Tayshia aside. Caelynn says she's confused and hurt about Colton thinking she was there to be the Bachelorette and wouldn't say yes to a proposal. Tayshia said they (the rest of the girls) just assumed who it was based on how defensive people got. You can tell by the look on Tayshia's face she had been lying.

Meanwhile, Hannah B. and Colton are on their date. He knows her feelings are real. If she growls though...

Colton takes Miss Alabama over to meet his family. Her jaw is on the floor. Hannah says she wouldn't have been there if it weren't Colton because of how he handled himself. Dad takes Colton outside to talk. Colton tells him there are 7 left, but someone told him some of them weren't ready. Dad wisely tells Colton not to listen to the women, but to listen to his gut.

Mom talks to Hannah. Thankfully we only see that a couple of seconds.

Colton tells Dad that Hannah said she was falling in love with him, but he's not feeling the same yet.

He knows about the two he is taking to hometowns so far, but not sure about the others yet. Dad asks what his gut is saying...

Hannah says she is in love with Colton. Her big mouth, smile and laugh is too much for me.

The men head back in, and then Colton and Hannah leave. Hannah asks Colton (while in the car) if he is ok because he's acting different. He says yes, but looks about in tears as they drive down the road.

Hannah thinks she can see her future based on how the day went... a day of real life.

Over dinner, Colton asks Hannah what makes her so confident to know that she's ready. She says she doesn't date to date, she dates for marriage, especially at this point in her life. (I get that's the route to go at any age, but she's what, 23?)

Colton is thinking he doesn't think he can get there with her... to feel the same way she feels about him.

The last date card arrives at the hotel... "Hannah G., Kirpa, Cassie, Heather - Saying goodbye is never easy. - Colton"

Back on the date, Hannah says she's ready to take him home. Colton tells her that he doesn't know if he's ready. He can't shake her dad's hand without being more sure of this.

By the way, her pink plastic dress looks like she needs to be in a stage production of The Wizard of Oz.

Anyway, she doesn't want to be with someone that doesn't feel the same for her. He walks her to the limo. She names off all the things Colton thinks he wants. She thought she fit.

The women at the hotel are shocked when the man comes in to get Hannah's suitcase.

Not knowing who wasn't ready... Colton knows he sent home someone who was.

Hannah G. says there are a lot of awesome women going on this group date, so you just don't know what is going to happen. 

The four women pile into the limo. They are dropped off at a resort or something. They take a scenic train to see more of the Rockies. When they return to home base, he tells all of them they need to make sure the feelings are mutual before they head to meet anyone's family.

Colton takes Heather off first. Heather tells him that he is special, but she doesn't think it is fair to him to take him home if SHE is not ready for it. The rest of the women talk about Heather trying to figure out her feelings, but it seems she knows.

Colton doesn't put up a fight as he walks her to the train to leave.

Cassie says she doesn't want the Caelynn/Tayshia thing to fall on her too. Kirpa tells Cassie she knows about it. Kirpa doesn't share that she's going to tell Colton what she thinks about Cassie.

Honestly... no surprise.

But, that train better get back quick.

Colton takes Cassie off next. He doesn't want to send Cassie home, but after what Tayshia said. Cassie can tell Colton isn't saying something.

He dives into what the other women said. He said what Tayshia said terrified him. She doesn't know why anyone would make that up. I don't believe her by the look on her face. (Not that I'm team Tayshia.) Colton's gut believes her.

Kirpa is doing big talk with Hannah G. of how she well tell Colton if it comes up.

When Kirpa and Colton go off, they talk about how he is feeling about hometowns. Kirpa tells Colton that she doesn't want him to wind up hurt. She's concerned about Cassie and Caelynn. Kirpa is the most boring, flat person on a date. Kirpa's story is that the two of them got very defensive when the conversation took place after Katie left. Now, I thought Tayshia told Caelynn they didn't get defensive. I don't know for sure because I have been distracted while blogging.

Kirpa comes back and shares what they talked about. Kirpa and Cassie get into it. The remaining Hannah from Alabama is just listening. Let the drama queens duke it out. Colton will send the bickering people home. I think Kirpa and Tayshia just set Cassie and Caelynn up, especially the way Kirpa is acting.

Colton picks up the roses and says he doesn't know what he wants to do yet. I think he just doesn't know if he wants to send two home or only one. He says he needs more time this evening.

As they regroup for the night, Colton says he has clarity on one thing. He asks Hannah if they can go out front to talk. I can't tell if she is laughing or crying. However, there is silence in the room has he leaves Kirpa and Cassie.

It must have been laughter because Colton comes in for a rose.

Caelynn tells Tayshia she isn't sure which of the three will be going home. (She knows there's only three left because she's either seen Heather or just knows her suitcase was taken.) 

Hannah tells what happened between Cassie and Kirpa. 

Back on the date, Kirpa and Colton are talking. They share a kiss before they go back in the other room where Cassie is.

Colton goes outside to think, but Caelynn shows up and wants to talk. She says that as much as she wants it to be the two of them at the end, she's tired of the lies. She wants him to have all the facts. We don't know what more she says, but she walks back through the room where the two women are waiting and leaves.

Colton comes downstairs. He has a smile on his face for the moment. He picks up the rose. He pauses before giving it to Cassie.

He asks Kirpa if he can walk her out. She doesn't have any parting words for him.

Colton goes back in to make out with Cassie. He realizes it's not about she said/she said. It's about his gut instinct.

And he does not jump the fence!

Maybe right before he proposes at the end.