I was surprised by how #TheBachelor ended tonight.

It never fails. I plan all day to be done, warm up my leftovers and get to blogging on time. Never works out that way.

I'm about 15 minutes late by the time I finish eating and get my computer back on to get started.

How my whole date went really. I couldn't get what I needed to get done for getting more stuff I needed to get done finished. I even started off the day going to Walmart which was a waste because they didn't have what I needed, but carrying on.

Tonight's episode, of course, starts with Colton in the shower. Cleanest man ever, right?

Colton remembers taking Bekah home to meet his family, and that's when he knew he was in love. He remembers because it was less than a year ago. At any rate, will he realize who he really loves on the trips home?

First stop on the across the country tour of hometown dates is Fredericksburg, Virginia. That is where Miss North Carolina is from. Yep, Miss NC (aka Caelynn) hails from VA. 

Caelynn plans to show him around some of her favorite spots. They will tour the town via horse and carriage. Her favorite spot in town is Carl's ice cream, so they stop for a cone. After the ride around town, they sit on a park bench and Colton talks about how this gives him a glimpse of how life after all this might be. He asks who he will be meeting later. She says a whole bunch of people.

From there, they head to the house where there is indeed quite a gathering. There's at least 15 people there. The key players are her mom and step-dad (aka dad who raised her).

John, Caelynn's dad, is concerned about this. He keeps a warchful eye on them the whole time they are out in the backyard with the family.

When it's time to divide up for conversations, Caelynn's sister takes her off first. Her eye shadow is a horrendous color. It's a shade of rust. Caelynn tells her sister that she has told Colton about her college assault and what they've talked about. Her sister is protective.

Mom talks to Colton first. He's excited about the possibility and hopes everyone can see how much they enjoy each other. He has told Caelynn she's falling in love with her, and she's expressed the same. They have overcome things already (the Miss AL drama...). Mom has no idea if either one of them is ready.

Caelynn and Dad talk. She admitted to having feelings early on. Colton makes her feel safe and comfortable. Dad asks her if she wants to get married because everything she has said sounds like they could be friends. She butters John up by telling him how he is her real dad and that she told Colton all of this. John gets emotional.

John and Colton talk next. He wants to know how far Colton is going to take this. What is his intentions? Colton admits he doesn't know where this is going to end yet, but is falling in love with Caelynn. Colton asks when and if it gets to that point, would he have John's permission to propose? John's answer is, are you at the maturity point to be ready to get married? Ultimately, he gives permission.

They watch some home movies and Caelynn tells Colton that she loves him. He can only kiss her in return.

Off Colton goes.

Next stop, Hannah's hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. They head to etiquette class before he meets her family.

I think he's more nervous about the class than meeting the parents. He thinks there's a difference between being a gentleman and a Southern Gentleman, so he is intimidated.

He first walks with a book on his head. He sits down and puts his napkin in his lap. He then gets lessons in picking up bread and buttering one pinched off piece of bread at a time.

The teacher then gives an analogy of an umbrella and protecting Hannah. It's a little odd.

They head to Hannah's family's house which is not near as large and Caelynn's. However, there are almost as many people, including a bunch of cousins.

After dinner, it's time to chat. (At the end, after the previews, we see Hannah rap about Colton at dinner while her dad beat boxes.) Three cousins and a best friend take Hannah off to talk. Three of them are married. They have never seen Hannah really express emotion for a guy.

Hannah's dad wants to know Colton's intentions after only knowing his daughter for a month... off and on.

Mama Bear is determined for her daughter not to get hurt. She tells Hannah that. Mom says Hannah left home a mama's girl. She came back a woman in love.
After the standard conversation acknowledging the other women there, etc., Colton asks for permission to marry his daughter.

As nontraditional as this show is, this part always puzzles me.

After they walk out, Colton asks Hannah if she had good conversations with each other. They trade "falling in love with yous" and kisses before he leaves.

It's all the way across the country to Santa Ana, Orange County, California to catch up with Tayshia. Off the bat, she blindfolds him and says he has to trust her.

This had to happen fairly recently because she mentions it's not the Bird Box challenge. He's a little nervous as he's never ridden with Tayshia before. As they start off, she hits a bump and he bangs his head further making him nervous.

She is taking Colton skydiving. His response is, "I thought you hated heights. I hate heights." I don't think he is excited at all. He thinks this must be payback for bungee jumping. The instruction can tell he isn't excited.

Both are nervous as the plane takes off. Colton really doesn't want to do this. I think he's just glad he survived once they make it to the ground. They talk about pushing each other out of their comfort zones. They exchange "falling in love with yous" before heading to meet the family.

The only time she brought anyone home to meet her family was her ex-husband. She's nervous because her parents' approval means everything.

Before walking in, Tayshia quizzes Colton on the names of her parents and brothers. There's only four people to meet here. After dinner, Mom and Tayshia talk. She tells mom Colton is a much different man than her ex-husband. Mom sees her daughter glowing, but knows Dad is going to be another story.

Dad and Colton talk out back. He's not so sure at 6 weeks they're ready for the next step. Colton says he's "falling in love with her." Dad says "love" is a strong word and asks if it's sincere. Does Tayshia know how he feels? Does he say the the same things to the other girls. Dad wants to know how he's falling in love with more than one person. Colton's answer is that it is a unique situation.

Colton assures Tayshia's dad that he is serious about what is going on. He only wants to be engaged and married once. Colton asks for permission, if it gets to that point. Dad says he has just met Colton, so he needs to make sure it's the right thing. He does not grant permission.

Older brother and Colton talk. Bro says Dad never expected things to go this far. Bro is pursuing federal law enforcement, so he comes across as a nice guy, but Colton thinks this means everyone will be after him.

Dad and Tayshia talk. Tayshia says she learned a lot after her marriage and divorce. Dad says it's more than being a nice guy. He could be feeding her lines. She is confident. Dad rolls his eyes at her saying she's ready to marry him.

After the conversations, the parents, Tayshia and Colton all come together and Dad gives permission after all. Smooches before parting ways.

Last stop... Cassie's hometown of Huntington Beach, California. They meet on the beach to go surfing.

Cassie is going to try to teach him to surf. Try being the word. They talk about what family means while sitting on the beach. Colton says, "You know where I'm at. I'm trying to figure out where you're at." Cassie knows how she feels, but wants to be sure. She needs him to meet her family and see what they say.

We get a glimpse of her family before they arrive. There are a lot of California blondes. (It's funny how Twitter is pointing out the same thing.) Like, seriously! Oh, my goodness! EEEEE!!!

Dad is more than skeptical. "He seems like a... guy."

As a group, they talk about traveling together. Quality time together. Did we see dinner? I don't think so.
A blond sister with dark eyebrows takes Cassie (who also has dark eyebrows) off to talk about if Cassie is in love.

Mom talks to Colton. She can tell there is something there in body language. Mom knows the other women are around. Colton talks about their chemistry and that he's not afraid to tell her how he feels. Mom asks if Cassie has talked about her feelings. Nope, she hasn't. Neither mom nor sister wants Cassie to rush it.

Cassie and Dad talk next. Cassie has never met anyone that matched so well with her. When he points out that Colton's meeting four families this week. Cassie says something to the point of, then at the end if it's me, then I know he's explored all these other possibilities. Dad quizzes her, but her youth is showing through when she's talking about not being dumb. She's 23 and though she's not the only one, it's showing.

Colton and Dad talk out back. Colton gives the speech he's been giving everyone. He says permission is important to him... Dad says it would be a pre-mature blessing.

Cassie and Colton sit down once more. She still won't express her feelings.

Without knowing how Cassie feels and without the blessing from Dad, Colton leaves unsure what to do in this case.

Age recap here... Tayshia is 28. All three of the others are 23.

I didn't know anything at 23.

The women all head back to somewhere for the rose ceremony. Chris Harrison walks them in one by one. Hannah, Tayshia, Caelynn and finally Cassie.

Colton arrives. Gives his little speech about following his heart, and starts with the roses.
  1. Hannah
  2. Tayshia
  3. Cassie
Ok, I'm shocked. I would have thought Caelynn would have been an obvious pick, and Cassie was headed home. Caelynn hugs Cassie, then lets Colton walk her out. They sit down on a bench to talk first. Colton doesn't know what to say though. She's blindsided. She feels like an idiot. As she cries, Colton pulls her in to hold her. He puts her in the car, and squats down in the driveway as the car pulls off. 

Colton comes back in, but he asks Chris Harrison if they can talk.

The women think it's because Colton wants to talk to Chris about fantasy suites. We don't get to find out. Cue previews of next week. Two nights (Tuesday is the Women Tell All). We finally see the wall jump. Chris Harrison promises. It looks like Cassie gets sent home.