Who needs Singles Awareness Day?

I was too busy to even care or much notice Valentine's Day yesterday. If it weren't for the kids in class Wednesday night, it would have been pretty easy to breeze by altogether.

But, Singles Awareness Day today... Let me tell you what I did!

With plenty of work still to do, I planned to work on late into the evening because I find Friday nights to be my most productive time.

However, I was really tired and decided to call it quits in time to go to Whataburger, redeem my rewards for going there too often, and get settled into my living room in time to watch Live PD at 8 PM.

Literally, that's how I wanted to spend my Friday night.

That's really rather sad!

I joke about this, I truly do, because I was laughing with my parents about it.

I think it may be a sign of old age though instead of singleness. What do you think?