I feel like I needed my Saturday to be more productive

I need to learn how to relax.

I know how to waste time, just not relax.

I feel like Saturdays need to productive in some way or another. 

I really needed to get some work done today because I have had panic attack moments this week about things left undone that I needed to get knocked out. Like way overdue things because I've not had time to do them and send them off. (I hate reports. I'm always months upon months behind.)

Instead, I woke up late (after staying up too late)and went to an estate sale. I bought a shelf I needed, but didn't have room for. After getting it in and in its place, I went to the grocery store which I really needed to do because I really needed food, especially for breakfast. I also bought these clearance sale leftover from Valentine's Day tulips.

Once I finally got to my office, I got distracted. At least I got the vacuum out of in middle of my office floor. I finally cut the hair out of the roller and got the rest of the Christmas tree needs off the floor because it's been out there for like six weeks.

I did get one way overdue report done. 

After getting back from dinner at my parents' house, I had to get the downstairs vacuum out because a vase got turned over as a result of moving things around earlier, and I had rice on the floor I had to clean up. 

I have my laptop downstairs because for the past two hours, I've needed to have been working on the puppet script for practice tomorrow. Have I written it? No, I've been goofing online and playing games on my phone while thinking about all the other things I need to be doing. My mind continuously spins on a never ending to-do list.

By the way, I'm trying out new things with the layout and background of my blog. It's stuck in a rut. It may look different every time you stop by for the next little while. Thursday night when I was supposed to be catching up on my blog posting I tried to change it up. I was tired of the background. I stayed up too late fiddling with it. I've changed it since. I like some things about different layouts, but don't like other aspects. I should upgrade from Blogger to Wordpress, but I don't have the time for it right now. I can't even count the things I'd rank above it right now.

Now, onto that puppet script before I doze off with my fingers on the keys. Tonight on Live PD there have been two calls of people dozing off. I can so identify. I just don't usually doze in the Whatburger drive-thru. Actually, I think it was more like Taco Bell.