This week, the women are dropping like flies on #thebachelor

I am actually a night late posting this because I headed off to Peyton's basketball game tonight and didn't get back into town until the The Bachelor was ending. It felt later than 9:00, and I didn't want to trudge upstairs to get my laptop and start the show.

I have to admit, I'm kind of dragging my feet, just now starting at 8:41 tonight. Maybe I can get it done fast by not having to watch commercials.

Before I forget, you can hear my podcast debut on "The Good, The Bad and The Bachelor" over on my post from Friday.

So, Colton is wandering around on the beach after walking in on Onyeka and Nicole's cat fight. The rest of the women seem to be respecting his apparent desire to be alone.
Onyeka asks everyone else if they think she is a bully as Nicole just told Colton that she's been bullying everyone in the house, especially her since the beginning.

Chris Harrison goes to check on Colton. He confides that some women are there to be serious about a relationship while others are just fighting.

Harrison goes to where the women are gathered and clangs his glass.

There are seven roses sitting on the tray and three have already been given out (Heather, Hannah B. aka Miss Alabama, and Cassie). The women start counting and know two are going.

Colton comes in melancholy and starts his speech about how it has been a hard night. The roses are given...
  1. Caelynn
  2. Tayshia
  3. Kirpa (had to watch a video on Facebook to explain her beat up chin with 5 stitches)
  4. Demi
  5. Hannah G.
  6. Katie (and none of us watching know who she is)
  7. Sydney
Nicole had a stricken look on her face the whole time and has already started crying. She and Onyeka might just fight all the way back to the states. That's what you get drama queens! 

Actually, I was on Nicole's side and there are others I'd rather see go. But, Colton didn't want to sort through that mess. I can't blame him. Let it be a sign for the others!

After the drama of the night, Colton has a lot on his mind.

The next morning Colton is on the diary cam again. Every time he does this, it looks like he's been crying all night. Maybe he just has sweaty sun squints after spending time in the ocean. Actually, it may not be the very next morning because he notes it is the first morning in Vietnam, so there was likely a travel day. 

Cassie says Vietnam is the most beautiful place she has ever been. I usually don't think that to be the case when I think of Vietnam, but my former co-worker Caitlin, and her husband, Brian who hosts "The Good, The Bad and The Bachelor" podcast honeymooned there, so I'd heard that it actually was. 

Demi asks the 10 women there who besides herself has not had a one-on-one. There's more than she thought. Kirpa, Katie, Hannah G., and Sydney. That makes half of them.

The first date card arrives. "Hannah G. - We really need this date... Colton." She claims to not have expected it. Demi is deflated. Sydney is disappointed. 

It's been a while since not Miss Alabama though from Alabama Hannah got the first impression rose. 

Colton is very attracted to her and comments in his interview about the early connection.

The two get facials and spa treatments followed by Hannah giving Colton a massage that ends up hot and heavy on the table. And in the mud bath. And in the shower. She says in her interview that if she got an overnight with Colton she would take advantage of it.

Caelynn (Miss North Carolina) talks with Cassie about how Hannah has depended on her beauty her whole life (says the beauty queen... ironic much?). She ponders what else Hannah may have going on that they are missing.

Back at the "dinner" portion of the date, Colton and Hannah concur that the best part of the date was the shower. She likes showering. He obviously does since we get shower clips every week. At least they were wearing swimsuits and had cameras present. *insert eye roll*

Hannah talks about being so at ease today. She tells Colton that "Opening up is usually not my jam." Hannah goes into things that she has been shut down about such as her parents' divorce. She goes into a story she says is so lame. Her dad really loved his yard. He mowed it three times a week. Her mom drove through the yard to get her stuff and destroyed the lawn when the two of them split. Colton shares he cut off and didn't want to talk about his parents divorce either. Of course, Colton thinks this brought them closer, so he gives her the rose. 

Their private concert is a group of women in native dress playing native instruments. They stand around making out which has to be awkward.

The women back at the hotel are all talking about needing one-on-one time. That's when the date card arrives.

It's a group date. "Cassie, Heather, Tayshia, Katie, Caelynn, Hannah B., Sydney, Demi... Are you ready to fight for love? - Colton"

This means Kirpa is getting the other one-on-one date. (Her bandage has miraculously disappeared.)

Sydney is dry crying. No tears actually flowing in her camera interview, but she's trying to be dramatic. Demi doesn't understand why she didn't get the date. She claims she can't keep doing this. 

Demi is not a happy camper. It may get ugly. 

The women arrive to find Colton fighting two martial artists. They will all be learning the ancient art of something I don't know how to spell. Hannah has her freaky face on again. I mean her "Beast" face as she calls it. 

After some exercises, the women pair up for competition. The host of Vietnam's version of the Bachelor is there for commentary, but he has to have a translator because he doesn't speak English.

First pairing: Sydney and Heather. They get geared up. What starts as boxing ends up being a lot of twirling around and screeching.

Hannah B. and Cassie are up next. There's lots of giggling as they try to pound each other's face.

(There's some subtitle reading that has to go on to know what Vietnam's Chris Harrison is saying.)

Demi and Katie are the third pairing and it's more violent than the other rounds. Colton seems a little alarmed after Demi coiled up. He calls this enough for the day. 

I guess Caelynn and Tayshia don't get fight time. 

So, they head off to the group date cocktail party. 

Tayshia tells Colton she's had a hard week. She thinks it's because she's scared about opening up after being burned before. Tayshia wants him to exhibit a curiosity for her. His reply is like blah, blah, blah to me. Of course, she feels great about whatever it was.

We see Katie and Colton talk next. Her biggest fear in all of this is being misunderstood. She has a hard time showing her emotions and doesn't want him to think she isn't trying. Colton knows she's trying. 

Miss Alabama is all mouth during her time with Colton. Literally. Like her whole face is teeth. He noticed how much she enjoyed beating up on people today. She looks crazed all the time.

Sydney is moping. She and Tayshia are talking about how some of the girls are just shiny objects. Like Hannah showing off like a fool with a ninja stick...

Sydney thinks she's what Colton says she's looking for, but isn't getting attention. She tells Colton she was upset when she didn't get the one-on-one. She wants to know why she's not getting a date card. Sydney wants to know if Colton thinks she can get "there" with her. His answer isn't very assuring.

Colton tells Demi her nose looks good. I guess that's what got pummeled earlier. Demi says she's not a fighter. She wants to know if he wants to call her mom with her. (Of course, he does!) This is the first time Demi's heard her mom's voice without hearing "this call is coming from a federal prison" in a long time. Yet, mommy is now freed. 

When Demi comes back to the rest of the women, she talks about how she makes the most of every moment they have.

Sydney wants to try to get her point across to Colton again. She wants answers or is going to move on. They sit down to talk again. Sydney thinks Colton heard her earlier, but she needs more. He tells her there's pressure for him to have it figured out, but he doesn't. She tells him he is making easier choices. She wants something real. She thinks if there were a possibility of them being together she would have been getting more out of this experience. For that reason, she's going home. It upsets him, or so he says, so he walks her out. They walk past everyone, and Sydney blows a kiss. Sydney tells him not to be distracted by shiny things and look for the real people in the group. 

A beat down Colton returns to the women saying Sydney wasn't being challenged enough and he wasn't opening up enough for her. It was kind of odd what he said/how he put it. Colton picks up the rose and gives it to Tayshia. Miss Alabama is in shock and doesn't hide the look on her face well. 

The next day, Demi and crazed Hannah have a conversation. When she talks, she has pageant girl expression on her face.

We don't see Kirpa's reading of the date card, but we pick right up on their date. 

Kirpa is a bit worried because of Sydney's decision to go home. She feels in a similar situation. Colton admits he's struggling with opening up in some relationships. Colton opens up with Kirpa about this. He continues to be able to take something extra each time they spend time together. 

After a short lunch of not eating together, they head off snorkeling. He wants to "dive deeper" with his relationship with Kirpa his commentary goes as they dive in the literal water. 

Heather and Tayshia talk about the change in the air. Everyone wonders what's going on with Kirpa. I don't think anyone thinks she is going to stay.

Kirpa looks petrified as they sit down for dinner. She was nervous going into today, but says their date was great. They talk about her previous engagement. They were together for 8 years. (Since she was 12 or something?) Her ex was saving himself for marriage, so it didn't freak her out when she learned that about Colton. She thinks that she and her ex grew stagnant because they were too comfortable. Her body language is weird. The way she holds her hand to her face. She nods a lot. He asks if she can see herself getting engaged again at the end of this. Colton thinks she has a calm confidence. I think there must be a lot we haven't seen between them. Their date seemed short. Not a lot there.

To the amazement of a lot of people, I am sure, Kirpa gets the date rose. Colton thinks the date has done a lot to further their relationship. They go on to make out in the rain in the streets. 

Demi is dolling up and has her daisy dukes on when she takes off in the rain to get to his hotel room. She's going to make a move on Colton and plans on taking it all the way. When they sit down to talk, Demi tells Colton that she's starting to fall in love with him. He's more hesitant. He doesn't know if he can get there with her. He doesn't know that he can see himself with her at the end. Hearing her say that, Colton can't put her through a rose ceremony. He gives her a hug. Demi tells her that safe choices won't make him happy in the long run. With that, he walks her out. There's something reflective on her shoes. In her high-waisted shorts, she looks more Skipper than Barbie. That's what comes to mind.
She goes back to pack and the Hannahs comfort her before seeing her off.

And then there were eight.

Everyone spends plenty of time fixing themselves up for the cocktail party. Everyone knows it is getting real now. 

Chris Harrison appears to see how the women are doing. He announces that Colton has made his decision and there will not be a cocktail party. They are going straight to rose ceremony.
  1. Hannah B.
  2. Caelynn (she was eager for a serious convo she didn't get to have)
  3. Cassie
  4. Heather
That means Katie is going home. I don't see how she made it this long. Not that I have anything against her. No one knows anything about her. After a goodbye hug, he offers to walk her out. I think she may have said, "Please don't." He tries to shield her from the rain with his coat. She says, "Don't bother." She knew from his body language the other night this was coming. They mutter some parting words to one another. She tells Colton there are some girls in there that are ready and some that are not. She warns him to be smart. 

And then there were seven. 

After the warning. Colton paces. Three women have warned him of the women still there that aren't ready. He thought Sydney was talking about Demi. Then, he didn't know who Demi was talking about last night. He doesn't know who Katie is talking about either. He's wondering if he's missing something. Colton comes back in and tells the women Katie was the third person saying some of you aren't ready. 

Tayshia thinks she has the answer and is ready to spill it. She tells Kirpa it's going to be the two of them at the end. 

I think this actually makes a good teaser. 

Next week, I think we'll finally see the fence jumping. It looks like Cassie leaves. Tayshia goes skydiving. Miss Alabama meets his family (she growls again in the previews). 

As the episode closes, we see Demi sharing with Colton the things her mom sent her from prison. They talk about the mysteries of prison life.