900 pounds of kitty litter vs. 25 boxes of Readers Digest books

Knowing I had posted about needing boxes, a Facebook friend from church called me a couple of days ago saying that one of her friends had posted that she had boxes available. Thirty boxes in fact. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The woman with the boxes had ordered 30 packages of 30 pounds of kitty litter. Each package came in it's own box (yes, if you are doing the math, that is 900 pounds of kitty litter) with a lot of brown paper packaging to fill the rest of the box. Boxes all the same size makes for stackable and brown paper is better than newsprint that gets everywhere (Mom has been saving newspapers).

So, today, we started packing all of said boxes. Twenty-five of them were filled with Readers Digest books. I have too many books for crafting purposes. Let me also add that I had started packing some other boxes BEFORE those 25.

We loaded them all in the Crafty trailer along with the boxes of cut books that I still had here at my house.

We overloaded trailer. Dad had to drive halfway around town to get home just to avoid getting the trailer hung at a railroad track. To get into his driveway, we had to unload a good portion of what we packed into his garage, defeating the purpose of filling the trailer as a storage unit for a week or two until I close on the house.

Mom isn't exactly happy that with all the craft stuff that was already in the trailer and all the other stuff filling her garage. She's afraid her car may not fit before long.

I honestly feel like I don't have much more of the house to pack now. I think that was the hard part.