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A Reminder of How Jesus
Changes Everything

New release in The Gospel-Centered Life for Students series helps
readers find the message that was right in front of them the entire time

Greensboro, NC – Finding the gospel in the Old Testament can be a little bit like uncovering a mystery. However, it should be pretty obvious in the four gospels of the New Testament, right? Sometimes we suffer from what author John Perritt describes as gospel amnesia. In the day to day of life, it’s possible to forget we are loved and accepted by God who sent his son to die for us. InMark: How Jesus Changes Everything (New Growth Press, June 24, 2019), Perritt points readers toward a better love and appreciation for their compassionate Savior and suffering servant.

Part of The Gospel-Centered Life for Students series, this twelve-week accessible study for young adults was created for one-to-one discipleship, small group, or large settings. Rather than a message of moralism, Mark introduces students to Jesus: the lover of the least and the hero of heroes.

“There are many statistics revealing that Bible illiteracy is growing among Christians. Our young people are also growing up in a culture that is continually being labeled ‘post-Christian,’” explains Perritt. “To have a resource that gives theological depth and gospel centrality to the Scriptures is invaluable to the next generation.”

Perritt helps young adults ask difficult questions: Why was Jesus angry in the book of Mark? How does Peter’s denial of Jesus still fit into God’s perfect plan? What does it mean that even Jesus begs his Father to allow suffering to be removed from him? By helping students walk away with a better understanding of the themes in the gospel of Mark, Perritt offers a better understanding of the man, Jesus Christ, who is the gospel—the one who changes everything.

Mark: How Jesus Changes Everything outlines many helpful questions paired with Scripture readings for personal reflection or group discussion. Through in-depth examination of the book of Mark, article readings, and applicable exercises, students experience the compassion and authority of Christ. The book also includes leader’s notes in the back to help guide the leader through further discussion of the content.
“If you were to zoom out from the book of Mark, you would notice the first ten chapters cover approximately three years. The remaining chapters focus on just one week,” Perritt writes. “Mark rushes through the earthly ministry of Jesus and then slows the reader down to focus on the week leading up to Christ’s crucifixion. Mark is not saying the rest of Christ’s earthly ministry is unimportant—far from it—but he does place emphasis on that final week. Therefore, this study will give more attention to those chapters as well.”

Perritt hopes students come away with a better understanding of the themes in the gospel of Mark, a better understanding of the man, Jesus Christ, who is the gospel, and a better love and appreciation for their Savior.
Mark: How Jesus Changes Everything, Study Guide with Leader’s Notes
The Gospel-Centered Life for Students Series
by John Perritt
June 24, 2019 / Retail Price: $15.99
Print ISBN 978-1-948130-90-5
Teens and Young Adults/Religion, Christianity and Youth
John Perritt, MDiv, DMin, is the director of resources for Reformed Youth Ministries and serves as the host of The Local Youth Worker podcast for RYM. He previously served in local youth ministry for more than fifteen years.

Perritt is the author of InsecureYour Days Are NumberedWhat Would Judas Do?, and Time Out! The Gift or God of Youth Sports. He has also published articles with The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God.

He and his wife, Ashleigh, live in Ridgeland, MS, with their five children.

Find John Perritt on Twitter (@johnperritt) and Instagram (@jperritt).