Boldly Yet Humbly Declaring the Truth

Boldly Yet Humbly Declaring the Truth
Steve Brown encourages Christians to step up to share
their faith and speak out on what they know is right.

It can be difficult to be a Christian in today’s culture. Not only is the outside world hostile to Christians and their faith but the voices that speak loudest don’t always speak for the masses. There are a lot of assumptions out there about what Christians do and don’t believe. With all this hostility, speaking up about issues related to faith can be intimidating. However, in his new book Talk the Walk: How to Be Right without Being Insufferable (New Growth Press, June 3, 2019), Key Life Network founder Steve Brown calls Christians to step out and speak up about what they know to be true.

This attitude-altering book invites Christians to cultivate both boldness and humility in communicating gospel truth. By uncovering self-righteousness and spiritual arrogance, Talk the Walk shatters stereotypes and helps believers consider how they present the good news without watering it down.

Brown writes that while we, as Christians, may be right on issues of salvation and theology, we may miss the less articulated truths of humility, love, and forgiveness. This guide unpacks the call to “go out into the world” and share faith by being truthful and winsome. By helping men and women love others out of a deeper love in Christ—the one who first loved us—Brown helps Christians present the gospel clearly and with compassion.

“America and much of the world has gone through a massive cultural shift over the past thirty years. That shift is called postmodern, post-Christian, or perhaps transcultural. Whatever the name, the old and traditional views of anthropology, sexuality, social norms, religion, and culture have been set aside for the new views of tolerance, acceptance, and freedom,” Brown shares. “Most thoughtful Christians I know are concerned about the cultural shift and feel, as it were, as if believers are standing by a cliff, telling people to be careful. Those folks to whom Christians express their concern are tolerant, albeit dismissive. Believers stand by the cliff, giving their message, ‘Look at the blood down there. Don’t get so close to the cliff! It will kill you.’ But folks keep jumping.”

Talk the Walk explores the tools necessary to accomplish an attitude change of confidence and humility, repentance and truth. Readers will discover how to share the message of Christ without distorting it and speak confidently without being cold. By operating out of humble gratitude for the gospel, they will begin to talk the walk of Christian faith, reflecting the love and truth of Jesus.

“I would hope that the reader would have a major ‘attitude change’ in our call to ‘go into the world.’ I hope to give believers the tools necessary to accomplish that attitude change,” says Brown. “Boldness, repentance, compassion, confidence, humility, truth, love and street-smarts are the ‘takeaways.’”

Author and speaker Elyse M. Fitzpatrick praises Talk the Walk by saying, “I have yet to figure out how to be confident enough to speak truth to people and yet humble enough to close my mouth when all I’m doing is showing off how smart I (foolishly) think I am. It’s for this reason that I’m really thankful for this book. Steve is a wise and gentle pastor, and he’ll help you (as he has me) feel the pinch of truth while he pours in the gentle love of the Christ who knows you. Get this book. Your unbelieving friends will thank you.”

Talk the Walk: How to Be Right without Being Insufferable
by Steve Brown
June 3, 2019 / Retail Price: $15.99
Print ISBN 978-1-948130-63-9
Religion / Christian Living / Spiritual Growth

About the author

Steve Brown is the Founder of Key Life Network, Inc., the Bible teacher on the radio program Key Life and host of the talk show Steve Brown, Etc. He was a pastor for more than thirty years and continues speaking extensively.

He has authored numerous books, including How to Talk So People Will Listen, Three Free Sins, Hidden Agendas and his latest release, Talk the Walk. Brown has also written for publications such as Leadership, Decision, Plain Truth, and Today’s Christian Woman. He previously served as a member of the Board of Directors of Christianity Today and Harvest USA.

Brown and his wife have two married daughters and three granddaughters. They make their home in Orlando, FL.

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