The Bachelorette: Hannah B. - Week 6

I'm getting a late start tonight because VBS is this week at church. After getting home and a bite to eat, it's after 9:30 PM, so let's see how quick I can get this knocked out. Hopefully, I won't start nodding off.

Last week, the show ended with Stalker Luke being told by Hannah that she could not give him the rose.

I don't see how she could have been so a flutter for him given how many red flags there seem to be. He simply cannot reveal anything about himself when given chance after chance. When she asked him time after time the simplest of questions.

The guys are sitting around talking about him. I seriously am not 100% sure who one of these under the radar guys is. 

Back to the dumping of Luke. Hannah says she can't give him the rose. Luke says he is very confused. She has a hard time using her words in telling him what she wants. This day has frustrated him too. They had all day to try to make it something it wasn't. He wants her to think about every little detail since day one. He wants to take ownership and move on. She says giving him a rose doesn't make since. He asks if this means this is it and he goes home tonight. Hannah confirms that. He leaves.

It never crossed Luke's mind that he was going to go home. Ah, to be young and stupid. His eyebrows do weird things. He claims that Hannah is right and that he has tried to be too perfect. He had to get his act together. He thinks he's going to win her over and get to stay. Luke comes back in. Hannah wants to know why he is back. He knows it's his fault. He decides to scream and yell and try to communicate, but he makes no sense. It sounds kind of like Charlie Brown's teacher for the sense he makes.

Had to pause to finish uploading some pictures. There goes the "Let's see how fast I can do this while FFWDing through commercials" challenge.

Back at the hotel/castle/whatever, the men are sitting around waiting for Luke to not come home. Unfortunately, for all of them, he shows back up. Luke announces that Hannah said it was the worst one-on-one date. She didn't give him a rose, but she wants him to stay to contend at the rose ceremony with everyone else.

Hannah thinks the men have to trust her and what's good for her heaaarrrt because keeping Luke was what was right for her. However, if Luke goes back to being a robot tomorrow, he won't get a rose.

The next day, Luke goes to a church to pray because he is pursuing his future wife and trying not to mess it up.

That evening, it's time for the cocktail party. She comes in and talks about how her faith means a lot to her and a verse God has put on her heart about focusing on the seen, not the unseen. I think I'm lost. She gives a toast and Garrett pulls her away first.

They chat a bit. Garrett shares that he told Luke to leave everyone out of his date (not talk about everyone), and he wanted to follow-up and see if Luke kept his word on keeping his mouth shut. Hannah does confirm he did EXCEPT when Hannah brought up something that prompted it. Their kiss is interrupted by Connor.

Garrett comes back in and tries to start something by saying that Hannah said he named names. Well, this isn't presented like it really happened. All the men want to know what he said.

Hannah wants to talk to Connor, but there is such a loud commotion going on among the men. She listens in to find out what is being said. She comes in, tells them to stop because she is fed up of fights. She tells the men to ask whatever they want. Someone starts, and Luke interrupts. Hannah tells, she can ask what she wants and was trying to find out about a situation. That's why names came up. This is really all so immature. He said this about me. He said that about whatever.

Garrett's point is that Luke lied last night when he said nothing about anyone. Hannah finally signals for Luke to zip it. She tells them all to stay in their freaking lane. She leaves the room.

Peter asks them to pay attention to how upset Hannah was and to please stop all this. Luke starts back up with Garrett again. Hannah is still listening and drinking the last of her sanity away.

Garrett needs to shut up. She comes back in and tells Luke he needs to stop making excuses. He's already been warned. She tells the rest of the guys to stop focusing on Luke and start focusing on her. She says she has concerns with Luke, but has concerns with all of them too. Shut up and pay attention to me. "You all make me feel psycho." She wanted to share with them about who she is and how she feels. Instead, they all talk about crap. She's defeated and tells them all off. She says she doesn't want to do this and leaves.

Tyler points out how they are all messing this up.

Hannah is bawling and Chris Harrison finally goes to check on her. She uses the word "like" a lot. She's frustrated that they are hung on Luke. He says it is because they care. They all care about her and are upset that she likes Luke. While Chris tries and actually is logical, she's had enough. Party over.

Garrett hopes she can forgive him for ruining an evening. Luke says it's 100% Garrett's fault.

Rose time. Mike and Jed already have roses.

  1. Connor
  2. Tyler
  3. Dustin
  4. Peter
  5. Dylan (How is this guy still here? Something about him looks creepy to me.)
  6. Garrett
  7. Luke (WHY THE HECK?)
This means the three going home are people I basically have to refer back to a list to figure out their names because they have gotten so little screen time. Devin (who we really don't know anything about), Grant (I don't know anything about him either), and Kevin (I know his name rhymes with Devin). 

After those three men go off, they all exit off saying they don't see what she sees in Luke.

She scolds all the men one last time as she leaves for the night. 

The remnants of men and Hannah head off to Latvia. 

While the men have drinks, Hannah talks to Chris Harrison. She wants to know if she can have one cocktail party that doesn't go to crap. 

Hannah isn't trusting the relationships like she wants to. She doesn't feel like the men want to be in a relationship with her. She hasn't felt led to share anything about herself. She's trying to stay hopeful, but can't quite figure out how people find love in this process. She feels like she is flailing. 

This is the most hopeless conversation with Chris Harrison that has ever happened on this series ever. That's me saying that, not CH. 

That conversation was in a casual setting. We then move to a more formal sit down discussing the process from the get-go, and how she doesn't think she's going to be able to where she needs to be.

They recap the season from night one when Scott was sent home because he had a girlfriend. Then we get a series of clips from Cam and all his drama. Oh, my word, it has been a long six weeks. I don't know if I'm losing my mind or memory--or just have more important things to think about--but I forgot about Cam. Seriously. 

They move on to all things Luke. Luke S. and Luke P. Just Luke P. She's hoping he can get past this so they can continue. 

I don't know why we are having a mid-season recap in middle of tonight's episode, but they go over some of the better moments of the season thus far. 

Before The Bachelorette, she had only kissed five guys. Chris Harrison asked her who the best kisser is. Her answer: Luke. Sigh.

There's a blooper reel of awkward moments. Like a random dog in the park eating all of Jed's ice cream. Jonathan trying to go in for a kiss. Other clips.

I'm seriously getting ready to not off in boredom. I don't know why this is necessary. 

The episode ends with clips from the rest of the season which appears to be a lot of Luke drama and sluttin' it up. I don't think she is mature enough for all of this. She doesn't seem too mentally stable.