The Bachelorette: Hannah B. - Week 5

Last night when the NBA Finals came on instead of The Bachelorette, everyone who reads my blog messaged me to figure out what was going on and to chat.

It made me feel good.

Ok, just two people messaged me, but that's probably the only people that read it. The rest of the post visitors are the Russians who are always bouncing off my blog for who knows what reason.

It still made me feel good.

So, we start off with the Luke drama as it continues at the cocktail party prior to the rose ceremony.

Hannah has pulled both of them out to talk. She wants the two of them to talk to each other, not do he-said/he-said to her. I don't like either one of them, so I'd be good with her kicking both out right now. Hannah is not amused as she's watching them interact. Stalker Luke accuses Annoying Luke of not being there for the right reasons.

She is annoyed with this. Hannah gets up and walks off, leaving the two Lukes to quickly shutdown the conversation and sit in silence. Then Stalker Luke starts back up. He said he didn't even want to talk to Hannah about him. Annoying Luke asks about getting kneed in the head. Chris Harrison interrupts and pulls them back in with the rest of the men. Cocktail party is over. Time for roses.

Honestly, I don't even remember last week and who got roses. I've slept since then and had other things on my mind. (Jed, Tyler and Garrett)

Hannah said it's been a confusing night and a hard week. She's going with her heart.

Before she can give the first rose, Annoying Luke interrupts and asks if he can speak to her. He apologizes if he caused her any pain, but it was hard to defend his character time and time again. He warns her to keep her eyes open for he thinks she knows who. He leaves on his own. Chris Harrison comes in and takes a rose away.
  1. Peter
  2. Connor
  3. Dylan
  4. Dustin
  5. Mike
  6. Kevin
  7. Devin (Who is this guy?)
  8. Grant
  9. Luke P.
I'm not a fan of John Paul Jones, but he would have been a better choice. Matteo leaves too. 

The guys may not get it. Hannah's head doesn't always want Luke P. to be there. here  heart wants him to be there. It's all chemistry, even with red flags. 

It's off to Scotland now. 

Luke P. has to make a toast, but he tells the guys the toast is mostly for Hannah. Some of the guys choke. Hannah may be second guessing her decision already. 

When they get to Scotland, Hannah tries to give a history lesson. She's going to play the role of Mary, Queen of Scots, except she won't be beheaded.

Speaking of history lessons, The Bachelorette posted on Facebook about her history lessons. I commented I thought they were ridiculous and wasn't amused. Some people disagree, some agreed with me, and one millennial accused me of not liking fun. She was a smart mouth. I like fun. Maybe not her kind of fun, but that's ok too. 

So Hannah meets them at a pub. She says she's going to have to reset and be more honest with them since she wants them to open up with her. 

Instead of giving a date card, she invites Mike to explore Scotland with her. He's really excited. Luke P. has a look on his face like he's about to go kill a small animal. Luke says he's always himself. Some of the men cut him off. 

Mike is all smiles. The book lovers are dying right now as they go to a bookshop. They have a basket of goose eggs for sale, and she holds one up to her ear. Why? No one knows. She doesn't know either.

Next, they head to a candy shop where they try some really super sour candy. She's trying not to spit it out, but is practically in tears. 

They try haggis next. She says she liked it, then she found out what it was. She doesn't like it anymore. 

Meanwhile, Luke is wandering around on his own while everyone is inside talking about him. 

Mike is still all smiles. They talk about having relationships where you can laugh together. 

Later that night, they have their real serious meal and conversation. Mike hasn't told anyone he loved them since 2014-2015, his last serious relationship.

Hannah talks about living her life from one relationship to another, man to man to man. 

Mike says he doesn't open up to everyone. Hannah makes him nervous because he doesn't want to get hurt again. 

At the castle, a date card arrives.

"Devin, Tyler, Jed, Dylan, Grant, Connor, Dustin, Peter, Kevin, Garrett - Love is a battlefield. - Hannah. 

That leaves the other one-on-one to Stalker Luke. He says this will give him a chance to see if he still wants to be here and if things are moving forward. 

He has only told one woman he loved her, and it took him a long time to get over her. He can see himself getting down on one knee in a few weeks. After that, she has to give him the rose. 

The next day, the men are going to take on the Highland Games. 

After doing the Scottish yell, they practice axe throwing which doesn't go well. Hannah did better than the men. 
After a milk bucket race, they take turns wrestling. Thank goodness Luke isn't there.

Speaking of Luke, Mike tells Luke he is concerned because Luke is questioning wanting to be here again. Luke denies that he's questioned anything. Mike think's he's the Lukeness monster.

The men all put on some kilts to compete for an audience. Practice didn't make perfect for axe throwing. Someone hits the target, but my satellite blinked out. 

Peter did the milk bucket race best. Hannah thought it was hot when Jed poured milk over himself. 

It's wrestling time and some of them men are commando so black boxes are in play. One dumb guy, Dylan, is worried about his butt showing. It wasn't his butt he needed to worry about. Hannah referred to bagpipes. 

Moving on.

Jed won the Highland Games. He gets the first alone time at the cocktail party. He kind of feels her up, but she's going at it pretty heavy. 

Kevin walks up, watches a couple of minutes and turns around and walks off. When Jed joins the group, Kevin admits watching.

Peter lays Hannah out on the pool table and they go after it. 

It's so quiet you can hear the clock tick back at the castle with Luke and Mike. When there is a knock at the door, Mike walks out. Luke gets his date card. "Luke - Let's figure this out... one way or another - Hannah."

Tyler wears his kilt because he caught Hannah checking him out earlier. They are in a bedroom, so she invites him over. 

This is beyond kissing everyone tonight. It's moved to slutty. 

When it is rose time, Hannah gives Jed the rose. 

Hannah takes notice that there has been no drama and makes the correlation with Luke not being there.

The next morning, Luke is awkward and says he heard they wrestled in kilts. He's trying (and failing) to be funny. None of the men are amused.

Hannah has been nervous about today. She knows every man hates him. It's either the first one-on-one date with her future husband or the first and last one-on-one date with Luke. 

My advice (for what it is worth), don't go for the hot guy if he literally cannot get along with anyone. 

They go on a bit of a hike to the ruins of a old castle on a cliff. She asked if he expected a one-on-one this week. He doesn't want to talk about the past couple of weeks, but asks if there's anything she wants to clear the air about. She doesn't understand why the guys don't like him. 

He thinks the root of it is the conversation about what went down between them about what happened with Luke S. I'm not sure that sentence made sense, but he's kind of blah, blah, blah. Hannah says she doesn't think it's just Luke S. Everyone hates him. He blames the other guys for blowing things out of proportion. 

Luke says that up until now everyone has always loved him. This annoys her. Hannah says that sounded boastful. He doesn't know what she wants him to say. He wants to enjoy the rest of the day. She doesn't know what to do. 

Hannah wants to know how all this makes him feel, how it affects him. The answer he gives is the wrong answer. She can't tell where his heart's at. She doesn't think he can express his emotions. 

Hannah talks to the producers. She wants them to talk to Luke about what she means when she says, "What do you feel?" They tell her she has to talk to him herself. 

When she comes back, Luke says it hurts him. He is going to try to make things clear and right. She doesn't want to hear what happened or him saying he's going to try to make it right. She needs more. 

She says they aren't getting anywhere, so, "Let's go look at the castle." She wants to have a normal conversation with him. "Do you like macaroni and cheese or spaghetti more?" She needs the real, but doesn't seem to be getting it. 

Hannah hates admitting she likes Luke. She wants to be able to cut him free like every other guy that's pissed her off. 

Honestly, at this point, everyone on Twitter talking about the men passing a pink jacket around is more interesting.

That night, Luke and Hannah have dinner. Luke says he's been trying to be too perfect. It's been hard for him because all the guys are saying things that aren't true. She wasn't mad about what happened with Luke S. on the rugby date so much because that day he had real emotion. Luke asks her for advice in being in this situation.

She wants to learn about him. He doesn't talk about himself other than saying he wants to be completely real. He just vaguely goes on about not wanting her to slip through his fingers. He likes her, even with her flaws. 

Luke is making her more and more crazy. She doesn't want to marry someone who can't own up to his mistakes and blames everyone else. He's not getting what she's after. 

Meanwhile, the men are hoping Luke was being sent home.

Hannah says she's never met someone where she's felt like she did when she first met him, but now, she doesn't feel like she's getting anything in return. Luke asks if she thinks they have spent enough time together today. Hannah says she's had as much time with him as anyone. She doesn't feel good today. She wants to see Luke be Luke, but it's not what she hoped for. 

He really doesn't even try. She says she is always good or bad wanting to spend time with him. However, today has been the worst day. She wants to see what she thinks is there. However, she hasn't seen who he is. He's just stone cold sitting there. 
Hannah tells Luke she cannot give him the rose.

It ends right there.