I have a house!

I wasn't so sure it was going to happen this week (or maybe at all), but I officially have a house!

After spotty communication with my lender, getting insane last minute documents submitted, two different closing dates, and two different closing times yesterday, I finally signed all my paperwork.

There was very little pomp and circumstance. There were no real estate agents involved, my lender wasn't local and the seller lives out of town. It was just me and the attorney I have known since I was in fifth grade sitting at a table going through the forms.

Not that I wanted it, but there wasn't even a picture with the big house photo frame that sat in the office.

The seller's sister gave me the code to get in the house and my keys were in the kitchen drawer.

After finally getting my papers signed, I picked up some Sonic because I was hungry and it was after 2:00. I went to the new house because it felt like I should, so I ate my first meal at the house standing up at the kitchen counter. Mom and Dad came over because they could.

My first non-parental visitors were my next door neighbors -- my preacher and his family. He came with a cup asking for sugar. I told him he was out of luck unless he wanted a bite of hamburger. That's probably true of my pantry after I move too.

I'll post some pictures soon. I forgot to take pictures the past couple of days. Just absent-mindedly forgot.

After the going-ons of the past month, I'm just glad to have a house!