The Bachelorette: Hannah B. - Week 4

Saturday night I bought some BBQ chicken leg quarters to put in the crockpot to cook today so that I would have dinner ready before The Bachelorette. I came down about 2:00 this afternoon to put them in and turn them on figuring since I didn't freeze them, that would be plenty of time. I went back upstairs and didn't come down to check on them until 6:00 when I was done for the day.

Turns out, I plugged in the toaster instead of the crockpot. Since the chicken sat out for four hours in a room temperature crockpot, I threw it away so the salmonella wouldn't kill me.

Then, I burned one side of my quesadillas I fixed in place of the chicken I had myself all ready for.

Aren't you glad I shared that before starting tonight's blog?

Now, onto Hannah and her men.

The morning after the rose ceremony, all the men are musing of how they knew Cam would be on his way out. Chris Harrison arrives to talk to the 15 men that remain. It is time to leave the mansion and head to Newport, RI.

Must be the cheap budget season. Rhode Island may be nice, but it's not Thailand when it comes to travel.

Perhaps someone is not allowed to leave the country.

The date card arrives at the more modest than usual resort.

"Jed - Meet me in Boston. - Hannah"

Not sure why they go to Rhode Island to head off to Boston, but whatever. Hannah has a really hard time spitting out, "No taxation without representation."

When Jed arrives, they had off to the local market. Then, they tour the city while Hannah makes up facts about American History. Oh, my, word. Talk about not bright.

They find a photo booth before heading to "Cheers" the bar made famous by the TV show or the bar that came about from the TV show. One or the other.

Every time she opens her mouth tonight, she proves herself dumber and dumber.

They eat some ice cream and make out in a park. She has a surprise for him though. They go to the Celtics practice gym and shoot hoops with Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown.

Jaylen sits down with Hannah like he's her brother to see how it's going and to give relationship advice.

When the players leave, Jed and Hannah play L-O-V-E instead of H-O-R-S-E. In middle of a kiss, he does a one arm over the head shot and miraculously makes it. That was Hannah's favorite moment of the date.

Back at the hotel, the guys wonder if there will be another one-on-one or two group dates. 

Cue the date card.

"Dylan, Matteo, John Paul Jones, Connor, Garrett, Dustin, Devin, Grant, Peter, Kevin, Mike, Luke S., Luke P. - True love requires blood, sweat and tears. - Hannah"

Luke P. thought he might get the one-on-one, but he's excited because he is a competitor. 

That means the one-on-one will go to Tyler C. (the one Tyler remaining).

Jed's moment of honesty is talking about how music is such a passion of his life. She would never want to take the passion of music away from him. However, she has needs too. Would he have room for marriage? There's something about Jed tonight I don't like. Maybe it's how gushy he is about her now. Hannah gives him the rose.

The next day, all the men arrive at the group date to play rugby. Luke P. isn't scared. He played high school and can get rough. 

The real rugby players talk about how rough and physical it is and how injured players get.

Hannah wants everyone to be safe and not get hurt. After practicing, the men divide up in two teams. There are 13 of them, so not sure who's riding the pine.

John Paul Jones proves himself a player.

Kevin fell on his shoulder making a tackle and hurts himself. He asks for medical attention and is sent off in an ambulance.

Luke P. is like way too passionate about being willing to fight for her and playing all out. The guys think so too. He goes after Luke S. Luke S. takes it as a personal attack and plans to tell Hannah about it.

Later that night, Kevin is still in the hospital and not at the cocktail party. Hannah takes Luke P. off first. Luke P. brings up the encounter with Luke S. first. He claims Luke S. was cussing him out and took a swing at him. That's when he put Luke S. on his back.

Hannah tells Luke P. that she's concerned. He says Luke S. is the only person he has issues with and that Luke S. is always talking about his liquor brand, not about Hannah. She wants some time to think.

Hannah takes Luke S. off next. She wants his story of the tension on the field. Of course, he gives a different side of the story, including getting kneed in the head. He says that a number of them are concerned about Luke P. He shares the story about Luke P. talking about leaving the other day. She brings up the tequila brand.

Dustin, Mike and Dylan all express concerns. Luke P. tells all the men they didn't see it with their own eyes. I don't know how he knows that. Luke P. tells everyone that he felt threatened and was defending himself. He can't keep a story straight and has all the men rolling their eyes. Several men get up and walk off. Then, they all leave the room, including Kevin and his sprained shoulder joint. Only the two Lukes sit in the room.

Garrett has some really tall hair. He wants to tell her that he is crushing on her hard. Being open has been uncomfortable for him before, and it's kind of awkward for him now. He's pretty chill about it though. He doesn't say it in the stalkerish way.

The Lukes have a staring contest. Then Luke S. go after him verbally. He never wants to see Luke P. again in his life. Luke P. wants to get to know Luke S. on a deeper level.

My satellite receiver keeps doing strange things and cutting out. Hopefully, I won't miss anything.

Peter reminds me of a cross between Colton and Ben Higgins.

When it comes time for the rose, Hannah gives it to Garrett.

By the way, Hannah's shiny suit was hideous and she really should have been wearing something under the jacket instead of Miley Cyrus'ing the thing.

The next morning, Hannah is distraught. She got so many stories last night about Luke P, but she may have the strongest feelings for him of anybody. She's ugly crying and doesn't really want to see anyone today even though she has a date with Tyler. She's trying to play off her emotional state when he arrives. 

Hannah says she's not doing real well. Tyler asks if she had a rough night. She's had a rough morning too. 

They go out on a fishing boat. They fish lobster traps out of the water. They eat some of it later.

It's been a long couple of weeks and I stayed up too late this weekend, and I admit I had to close my eyes for a few minutes. My eyes were shutting down their own. That's how bored with this date especially I have become.

That night's dinner takes place at the country's oldest tavern. I have no clue if that was true or one of her fake facts.

Hannah felt comforted today by Tyler. When he tells his sob story of the night, he almost didn't come because his Pops was knockin' on death's door in the hospital for 25 days, a coma for 10... But Grandpa told him Hannah was his girl. He gets the date rose.

From there, they go to a private concert with Jake Owen.

Now we come to the cocktail party and rose ceremony which takes place at a mansion.

Luke P. gives a speech about being honest and themselves. Luke S. hopes to set things straight tonight.

Hannah tells her it has been a hard week that has caused her to question some people's character. She hopes to get clarity tonight.

Peter asks Hannah if she wants to be his girlfriend, and he's ok with her dating fourteen other guys. He's the first one to ask her. She considers it a strong start to the night.

Dylan would consider Luke P. getting a rose to be a devaluation of a rose. Mike and Luke P. get into it. He accuses Luke P. of being a psychopath. Luke looks up the definition on his phone to "prove him wrong."

Luke S. wants to clear the air with Hannah. He grew up with two social workers and his reputation and morals are of the utmost importance to him. She's irritated at both Lukes.

Luke S. comes back into the main room and confronts Luke P. Hannah doesn't trust him and he thinks it's all because of what Luke P. said.

Luke P. says Luke S. wanted him to put a good word in for him. She takes one in to talk, then the other. The two Lukes have a confrontation in front of all the men again. They bicker on and on while all the other men just listen. Hannah overhears and pulls them both out of the room.

No rose ceremony for tonight.