Game Night

I think my competitive nature is coming back a little. I must admit that I didn't like losing last night at the Parkers. I could deal with the Rummicube loss, but the slaughtering in Trivial Pursuit wounded me a bit. Part of me is convinced that I just got all of the hard questions because I couldn't answer one right for the life of me. *sigh*

A special thanks to all of the Parkers for making me feel so welcome and making Christmas candles. I burned one of the candles earlier today.

Game playing on my dad's side of the family goes back several generations on his mom's side. Dad has always told me about his grandmother always having a jigsaw puzzle out or always playing a game on the card table she had set out.

Nanny must have been her mother's daughter. Nanny loved to play games. No telling how young I was when she first taught me to play Chinese Checkers. No telling how many times she beat me by cheating. Actually, I take that back because I only caught her cheating once.

I loved to play 42 with her, but everyone else was leary of the Nanny rules of 42. To this day, there's still some things I'm not sure are right, and goodness knows what are actually rules after playing with her. One rule my dad particularly hated was playing "7s". I doubt anyone knows what that means, and I'll just have to explain that another time.

One of my last memories of her while she was still able to interact with us was taking Paige out to her house (Paige was 3 at the time), and Nanny trying to play a game with her with these Donkey cards (similar to Old Maid). It breaks my heart to think about it because she was just so weak, but still trying to play, and I knew it was one of the last times she'd be able to do so.

Christmas Eve was definitely a game playing night, so I'll miss that tomorrow.

What's funny about the other side of my family, is that one of my great-grandmothers was so against card or domino game because she considered it a form of gambling. However, her daughters did have an Ouija board. I've just given up on trying to figure that out.


Parkerchica said…
When my mom was little, she was only allowed to play with games that involved a spinner--no dice, no cards. Because spinners are the holy way to determine games of chance.

We'll play games again soon. Hope the candle was good and smelly.
Audra Jennings said…
I tried to play Twister today - it has a spinner. Yeah, I'm way to out of shape for that.