Just call me the Grinch

In an effort to make sure that I keep my blog going, I've promised myself that I am going to blog about something every day, at least just post something.

Well, I'm just not feeling it today. Call me the Grinch. That title would be fitting for any one of several reasons. Does anyone else feel a bit Grinch-ish today?

Here is one random question that I'll throw out there:

Have you ever watched the Chia pet commericials at Christmas time and actually decided to go purchase one for a loved one's Christmas? (I've never done it, but I've considered it.)


Parkerchica said…
Yes. Matt has a Chia Scooby-Doo in his office, compliments of me.
I wanted to spring for the Chia Mr. T., but it was , like 30 bucks, and we were penniless newlyweds, so I settled for Scooby.