The Sacredness of the Sunday Nap

WARNING: Those of you who really know me will read this understanding my sense of humor, and realize how funny it would be if I were telling it out loud. Those who don't know me as well (because this blog is going to attract so many people, you know), should know that I have a certain amount of sarcasm in my humor.

So, on with the story...

Anyone who really knows me knows that I set aside 2 hours every Sunday for my Sunday nap. I've done it for so long that my body says, "OK, this is Sunday, it's nap time, I'm shutting down now." I'm a night owl, so this is my time to catch up on sleep that I've missed. So every Sunday, somewhere between morning and evening church services, you will find me on my broken couch in my living room. (The couch isn't great to sit on because it sinks in the middle, but works just right for napping - ask Jenny, she's experienced the couch effect before.)

Of course, nothing of this world is actually sacred, but my nap certainly comes close.

So today, I had settled in on the couch and just fallen asleep when my phone rings. At that point, I am not getting myself off of the couch. If I answer the phone when I'm half asleep, I like most people, am not too coherent, and I tend to be a bit grouchy. For the sake of anyone who decided to call me on Sunday afternoon, I let the machine get it.

It's a co-worker calling everyone to remind them of the office Christmas party tomorrow because it had snuck up on her. "Don't forget to bring your chips and guacamole!," she adds in a cheerful voice.

I have to admit, there's no way I was going to forget the party tomorrow (maybe I would forget the guacamole when I walked out the door, but I could come back for it) because I know it's going to mean about a 3 hour work day which is both a blessing and a curse (anyone watch Monk?). Work a couple of hours, production meeting, work a little more, go to the party, possibly back to work for a little (depends on how many steals we allow in the Chinese Christmas game), leave early for an appointment that I've been ready to go to for a week.

So, I say to the machine, "yes, the guacamole" and fall back to sleep.

Fast forward to an hour later.


That's the sound of the train about 25 yards behind my house blaring it's very loud horn as it approaches an intersection. Talk about a wake up call. I'm still not quite ready to remove myself from the couch quite yet, so I try to go back to sleep.

Then the phone rings. I think to myself, "Mother [in frustrated moments she gets called Mother], are you seriously calling me now?" Because there is already a message on the machine, the answering machine comes right on. Click.

I prepare myself because I know what comes next. The cell phone.

Yep, it starts ringing. Fine! I get up to answer the phone. Caller ID: Mom. I hear her on the other end as I flip the phone open, "She might be asleep..." You think?

"Did I wake you up?"

"Well, actually the train did, but when the phone rang, I wasn't motivated to get off the couch." (Remember, I warned that I'm grouchy when I get suddenly woken up.)

"If you're agitated, you have no reason to be. You haven't had the afternoon I've had. Pops locked the keys in the truck and we were out at the dinosaur park in Glenrose."

"Well, it's a smart thing to do to take your keys out of the car anytime you get out, even if you are just stopped for a minute."

With my obsessive-compulsive nature, I either take them out or roll the window down so that I can reach in if I do lock the door since I do it automatically. And I will point out that this is not the first time that Dad has done this. Paige was giving him grief, I'm sure since she recently had a similar experience with her dad. Anyway, for my parents and niece Paige, that ended being an all afternoon experience involving a locksmith.

And now I am fully awake. I really needed to get up at that time anyway.

So, do any of you have a "Sacred Sunday Nap"?