Random quotes from Peyton

My niece Peyton is hilarious. She's four and a half and like any child that age, can say some of the darnedest things. Here are a few of the things she said yesterday:

"Hurry up and get your bottoms up here! I'm ready to open presents!" (Actually, she was screaming this. It was taking her daddy too long to help Julie get Layton out of the car.)

"Hey Madison, your doll came off TV." (Excitedly, after she asked where Grandma bought their dolls.)

"I'm going to pass down." (Instead of pass out while playing Twister. She's evidently not all that coordinated and limber.)

"I wish I had my cherries." (Pops gave her a jar of cherries - "the regular kind like you get in drinks." She requires extra cherries when you take her to Sonic.)

I asked her if I got her earrings with a cherry on them if she would let me switch them out. (I took her to get them pierced back in August and have yet to convince her to let me change them out for her because it might her.) She said, "if you get me Dora and Boots ones." I replied back, "really?" Noooo. "I'll let you do it tomorrow." OK, yeah, sure.

She has also earned the nickname "Bacon". If I can tell she's fibbing or telling a story or faking, I simply say, "Bacon..." and she fesses up.