Best Monday ever

Why are Mondays so notoriously bad? Oh, I have my theories. Today was a great Monday though.

I am off work this week - my first week off since the Iowa trip last fall. My brain has been worn to a frazzle lately, so it is about time! This was the week I was originally going to Colorado to visit friends, but I decided not to do that in case I needed to save my money to fly elsewhere later this year. I never should have decided to be responsible. It's sort of a life trend though.

Remember back when I told you about the early morning phone call on Opening Day? Well sleep since then has been a fairly rare commodity. As if I had not already decided that this week was going to be sleep week, the past week cemented that idea. I did good to get 5 hours any night in the past week. That was amplified by whatever blew in with last weeks storms that made me sick. Two nights last week I went to bed with fever. And nighttime cold meds kept me up too. After pushing through work sick and losing my voice, that's a big reason you got no blogging from me last week. Then Peyton decided to watch The Nanny until 1 AM Saturday night.

So, this week shall be about sleep. About reading since I have not done much enjoyment reading lately. Baseball because the Rangers have three day games this week on TV. Finishing my Shutterfly scrapbook project that I still haven't finished from the fall.

And today has been greatness because I slept until 8:30 when my landlady called that I was going to get my leaky A/C and my drippy faucet fixed along with a ceiling fan in my quite warm library/office. I read about 100 pages today. The Rangers won. And I got a bunch of clothes hung up though I didn't get the closet cleaned out or any of my house cleaned. (Not cleaning house made Monday great though.)

Tomorrow I do need to dust and log-on Shutterfly. My computer better cooperate. Blogger did not want to load right so this is me lounging on the love seat with my feet propped on the ottoman while catching up on Amazing Race from last night clicking around via BlackBerry.

If anyone wants to do something this week, let me know. Just do not call me before 10 AM.