Grandmas always have a story

Playing in Grandma’s Attic
Arleta Richardson’s classic stories
reach a new generation of readers

Ever wonder what it was like when your grandmother was a little girl? I did. And I was lucky enough to have a grandma who never forgot the fun and laughter of her childhood years. My trips to Grandma’s old house were my favorite times. I explored the attic and the root cellar, the barn, and the meadow brook—all the places a little girl named Mabel, my grandma, knew and loved. And those stories became mine as Grandma told them to me. From my grandma I learned the meaning of kindness and compassion. I learned how important prayer is, and how rewarding life can be when it is lived for the Lord. All of this was possible because I loved to hear stories as much as Grandma loved to tell them.

Remember when you were a child, when the entire world was new, and the smallest object a thing of wonder? Arleta Richardson remembered: the funny wearable wire contraption hidden in the dusty attic, the century-old schoolchild’s slate that belonged to Grandma, an ancient trunk filled with quilt pieces—each with its own special story—and the button basket, a miracle of mysteries. But best of all she remembered her remarkable grandmother who made magic of all she touched, bringing the past alive as only a born storyteller could.

So step inside the attic of Richardson’s grandmother. These stories will keep you laughing while teaching you valuable lessons. These marvelous tales faithfully recalled for the delight of young and old alike are a touchstone to another day when life was simpler, perhaps richer, and when the treasures of family life and love were passed from generation to generation by a child’s questions and the legends that followed enlarged our faith. These timeless stories were originally released in 1974 and then revised in 1999. They are being re-released with new artwork that will appeal to a new generation of girls. Enjoy all the books in Richardson’s series:

In Grandma’s Attic (ISBN: 978-0-7814-0379-5/paperback/144 pages/ $6.99/April 2011)

More Stories from Grandma’s Attic (ISBN: 978-0-7814-0380-1/paperback/144 pages/$6.99/April 2011)

So if you are young enough to appreciate a story—and just about everyone is—come along with Richardson and her grandmother Mabel to a little farm in Michigan and enjoy the laughter and tears that old farmhouse saw so many years ago.

About the Author: The late Arleta Richardson grew up in a Chicago hotel under her grandmother’s care. As they sat overlooking the shores of Lake Michigan, her grandmother shared memories of her childhood on a Michigan farm. These treasured family stories became the basis for the Grandma’s Attic Series.

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