When do you talk to God?

New release teaches children that they can
pray any time, any place, and about anything.

Every night at bedtime, Mom helps me put on my favorite monkey pajamas, gives me a drink of water, and tells me a story. Then we snuggle close and she says a prayer before we go to sleep. So begins the story of a girl who thinks praying is just a bedtime activity, until her mother points out that we can talk to God any time, any place, and about anything!

In That’s When I Talk to God, the husband and wife writing team of Dan and Ali Morrow tells the story of a child learning more about prayer. From thanking God for best friends and the flowers in the garden to praying for hurting people and the courage to do things that scare her, she comes to discover over the course of one sunny Saturday that we can talk to God about everything. And at the end of the book, when she asks if God ever talks to us, both she and young readers will learn about all the ways God does in fact speak to us, including one big way—through His Word.

Targeted to children four to eight, That’s When I Talk to God mirrors the day of the typical child, creating an opportunity for readers to put the practices in the story to use in their own lives. Through beautiful illustrations and an engaging, familiar character, readers can relate to That’s When I Talk to God. Children will learn to go to God with their fears, their joys, their questions, and their desires. They will also learn the hows, whens, and whys of praying to the Lord in a way they can easily apply to their own experiences. And adults will be reminded to communicate the benefit, simplicity, and beauty of prayer.

That’s When I Talk to God takes a different approach than many other children’s books by showing prayer in context, through a child living her life and learning through it all the ways and times that she can talk to her Lord. Touching on the concept of God talking back to us makes it even more unique. This book is the second the Morrows have written on spiritual formation for young children. Releasing in time for Easter, this book makes the perfect gift for parents to buy their children.

Also included in the back of the book is a letter from Lee Strobel, Ali Morrow’s father, encouraging the parents and grandparents who read That’s When I Talk to God to their children.

About the Authors: Dan and Ali Morrow are parents of two wonderful daughters. When they’re not writing children’s books, they like to go on adventures around their Colorado home. They are the authors of That’s Where God Is (2010), their first children’s release.

That’s When I Talk to God by Dan and Ali Morrow
David C Cook/April 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4347-0018-6/36 pages/hardcover/$12.99

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