I was ready for some baseball

Here's what I did this weekend...

Friday was Opening Day and since I did not win the get to buy tickets to Opening Day lottery, I coughed up the big bucks to go with a friend. The only year I have missed since 1999 was 2002 when my dad said we could not go because I might get a job (I was looking for a job after quitting teaching). I started work on Opening Day that year.

I stayed up late Thursday night getting some things ready for work before getting ready for bed. I planned to sleep in a little before dropping some reports by the office. At 10 minutes to 7 AM, my mom's aunt called excited to wish us a good time. While well-meaning, I guess she was not thinking about me not getting up for work. I got about 5 hours sleep.

Good game lots of hot sun. Oh to be out and away for awhile!

I gave a reporter with the Dallas Morning News an interview, and am disappointed that I did not get quoted.

We left around 10:30 to beat traffic and arrived at noon. The game seemed to run long and it took a little while to get on the road and back. I think I got home around 9. Great day, but long day.

Because Dad was not as eager as I was to spend the big bucks for Opening Day, he got tickets for us to go Saturday night. We left about 3. Great game. Terrible parking lot management. It took over an hour and a half to get on the road. We got home at 1:15.

Another great day, but short night. The Sunday nap was a must. Though I did wake to hear each home run. Wahoo!

I will be working frantically this week to get ready for being off a week.

The week I am off will be all sleeping, reading and watching baseball since thr Rangers play day games. I am ready for it!