Who am I?

I spent a couple of hours this evening tied up with trying to figure out my dad's family tree. Not what I planned to do.

My parents have been watching "Who Do You Think You Are?" and are now deep into Ancestry.com. I've been watching too, but without traveling to other locations and having a historian do the work, I'm not as into it.

What I mean by that is I don't have someone to figure out and tell me why everyone the Jennings family had a brother, cousin or father named Royal Jennings. I mean there were Royals everywhere. Johns, Williams, Roberts and Royals. I finally figured a grandfather of a great great grandfather by default though we could not figure out a father.

I am glad we did not figure out some of this before going on some of our trips or we would have traipsed through the cemeteries of Northern Tennessee taking photos of headstones in much the same way some people from Virginia took pictures of my grandparents and posted them online.

That's a little eerie quite honestly. The strangers taking pictures of my grandparents headstones part. On trips, we may have looked at Milledgeville, GA or Asheville, NC differently.

I do wonder why everyone was named Royal. However, I don't know anything about anyone to really make it interesting. Unlike Ashley Judd's episode, I don't  know anything to identify family traits. Except great great great great great great great aunt Moody Jennings. I get her. Not necessarily my 14th cousin Pleasant though. Poor guy.

Every branch my parents have tried so far goes back to England. How boring is that?

When it all comes down to it, we all go back to Adam and Eve. Guess that's really all that matters.