I hate getting a new phone | THIS | much

We are so technology and convenience dependent that getting a new phone ranks among the biggest pains in the neck there is.

So what if part of the keys at the bottom of my less than two year old BlackBerry Torch weren't lighting up? So what if I couldn't get Instagram or Words with Friends on the Torch? I liked the keyboard that slid out of the touch screen and it was broken in.

What I did care about is making a two minute phone call with a charged battery, then getting cut off. I couldn't call 9-1-1 if I had to.

I bought a new Android. I refuse to pay for an iPhone when I could buy a refurbished Android for $9.99 and if I don't like it, I can pay more later.

Regardless of what phone you buy, the transfer to a new phone is horrendous.

If I wanted to save my contacts to transfer, I was going to have to go and save each one on to my SIM card because they were saved on the phone. Smartphone makers should be smarter than that. Make the contacts save on the SIM card. We can sync media in other ways. Save our contacts on the stupid SIM card. If I went and had to individually save each one, I might as well just type them all in by hand which is what I am going to have to do because I cannot figure out to get the SIM in and out of this new phone. I think it involves a straight pin to trigger a spring ejection.

AT&T has a "Ready to Go" semi-set-up your phone function where you can log on and type in contact info and select certain bookmarks you want on your browser. But you still have to manually type all the contacts in. I can't call anyone whose names starts with a letter after E in the alphabet though.

Everyone just do a favor and call or text me, and I'll add you that way. But do tell me who you are.

I have my email accounts set up, and the inbox is much better than on the BB because I can file away on my Gmail based work account and it Syncs better with Outlook hallelujah! However, my calendar is not syncing. And I think HTC only wants to sync media (music and photos) if you connect to the computer.

I've gotten most of my apps downloaded. All the apps that were on my BlackBerry, plus my apps from my Kindle. Now that the apps are downloaded, I have to log-in to everything. Then the problem is that everything wants to load under my Gmail-based email address because it's Android.

My Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, Kindle, and all of that are under my personal email address, so I probably am going to have to disconnect the Gmail account, log into everything and then add the Gmail account back.

Oh, and then the problem with logging in... I can already tell that the phone wants to auto correct the sbc part of sbcglobal.net in my email address that all my accounts are attached to as my primary email account and have been for years.

Now, I'm logging off to spend the next few hours working on that. And rummage for food because I need to go to the grocery store. The morning started off with the amount of cereal I had left in the box being way too much for the amount of milk left in the carton. I didn't realize that until I started pouring the milk. I couldn't even finish my cereal because it was almost dry, but not.

The rest of my day followed a similar pattern.


Thomas said…
It's good to know that you also save your phone contacts to your SIM card. That way, in case your phone won't start, you can transfer your SIM card to another phone for an emergency call. The last comment that was posted was a birthday greeting, is this true? If so, then belated happy birthday to you, Audra! :)