Since none of my Pinterest followers can take a hint

Me and my frozen dinner self decided to actually cook some of the recipes from my "I wish someone would cook this for me" board.

Wishing obviously didn't do much for me.

The result this far was giving up my usually long afternoon of snoring on the couch. I printed recipes, made an extensive grocery list, spent forever and lots of money in the store, then forever making room in the fridge, freezer and cabinet to put my groceries. I have four varieties of cream cheese now. Seriously.

Hopefully, it will be several weeks before I go back. (I hate going to the grocery store that much.) Except for milk. The gallons of skim milk on the shelf had a date of two days ago. Brookshires needs to check their shelves. I checked dates on most everything I bought because I have bought expired food lately.

And yes, I realize how terribly boring my weekends are to blog about this.

The only other thing I have to blog about is how Rachel and I chummed up with 11 year old Thomas at a going away supper at church tonight. I told Thomas jokingly that he needs a new friend that's not Collin, and I guess I am it for now. It is kind of funny actually.

I may have finished my crochet project tonight. Maybe. I need a second opinion.

I have also discovered that my new phone is more Blogger friendly bit the touch screen auto correct makes me sound like an illiterate idiot.


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