It's all about perspective

I know I complain about my neighbors a lot. A lazy Saturday has put it into perspective though.

After I decided to get out of bed, I watched Ink Master. Two episodes in fact. Considering the fact that there's nothing that I want to permanently be on my body, and my aversion to needles, I really have no idea why I watch shows about getting tattoos.

Anyway, after Ink Master, I got caught on a marathon of World's Worst Tenants. I may have watched just a few minutes before, but I got really into it today.

I thought my neighbors were a pain with their parking habits and children that bang on walls. And they are. But it's all about perspective.

At least I don't have an illegal Chinese butcher living above me, clogging the pipes with animal blood that leaks through the pipes and runs down my walls.

There isn't an old lady living next door to me, growing "medical" marijuana and venting her greenhouse into my vents.

I don't have a crazy neighbor raising strange animals (that I know of) who looks at me like he wants to eat me. If there is an alligator next door in the bath tub, I don't know about it. (But I saw the strange neighbor a couple of doors down with his clothed Yorkie checking his mail earlier.)

I don't hear bees buzzing at night because the guy next door is keeping bees to make honey.

And the neighbors aren't that loud causing a disturbance because they are filming fat people porn for online viewing.

After I'm not sure how many episodes, I did finally turn it off to work on another project. But, I recorded a few more episodes to watch tonight while there is nothing on TV. I'll probably disturb my own neighbors with my laughter.

It's all about perspective.


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