Mission: Nothing is Impossible

Mission: Nothing is Impossible

Missionary Rose Marie Miller shares her journey
to discovering Nothing is Impossible with God for herself

Nothing is impossible with God. That’s what Rose Marie Miller had always heard, but for a long time it didn’t seem to ring true to her. Even while serving in ministry, she kept God at a distance, building walls of self-protection and self-reliance. She wanted to avoid weakness and vulnerability at all costs. Then, God powerfully transformed her heart. In Nothing is Impossible with God: Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and Power (New Growth Press, October 2012, ISBN 978-1-936768-68-4, $ 15.99, also available in eBook), Miller shares how God revealed his grace and forgiveness, changing her life in ways she never thought were possible and welcoming her into new, missional life of discipleship.

For many years, Rose Marie served alongside her husband, Jack, as they ministered to people in their home, planted the New Life Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, and eventually began World Harvest Mission. She tried her best to be not only supportive, but a true partner to Jack in ministry. However, she could not shake the dark cloud of fear, guilt, condemnation, and loneliness that hung over her life. “Into this dark cloud God spoke, not with an audible voice, but with life-giving words. God, for whom nothing really is impossible—not even changing a self- righteous, independent, desperately- trying-to-keep-it-all-together pastor’s wife—gave me himself,” says Miller.

Miller gives of her wisdom and experience as she points the reader to Jesus and his grand mission to use his people to redeem the broken world. Addressing fears, weaknesses, and hopelessness, she always comes back to a new, gospel-centered way of living where the way up is down, the weak become strong, and the dead receive life. Readers will be encouraged that God, for whom nothing is impossible, can fill each of them with faith and use them to reach a broken world.

Although Nothing is Impossible with God shares stories of God working throughout Miller’s life, the book focuses in on her life’s journey since husband’s death in 1996 when she was faced with losing not only her husband, but her ministry partner. She felt lonely and unsure of where she was supposed to go next. “This book tells how God nurtured me and matured me in the years that followed,” explains Miller. “It’s a collection of personal meditations, journal entries, talks, and Bible studies that I have written over the years. Together they illustrate what my Beloved Jesus has done in my heart and life. When God began to unlock the garden of my heart, he invited me to join in his mission to make this broken world an inheritance for his Son. His assignments haven’t been easy, but I love and trust my Gardener and I am filled with joy to partner with him. He truly is the God of the impossible.”

Nothing is Impossible with God also gives insight into the themes of living a lifestyle of forgiveness, hopeful discipleship, what it means to be content, and lessons in how to pray. Readers will also learn about four women of the Bible who had firsthand experience with the God of the Impossible.

The missional life has not slowed down for Miller. At age 88, Rose Marie actively ministers to Asian women living in London eight months out of the year, further proving that nothing is impossible with God.

About the Author

Rose Marie Miller is a Bible teacher, conference speaker and missionary. She was born to German parents and grew up in San Francisco. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, and from the Bible Institute of Los Angeles.

Rose Marie and her husband, Jack, moved with their growing family to Philadelphia, PA where Jack joined the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary as professor of evangelism. Over the years they took many troubled people and Ugandan refugees into their home, and saw the power of the gospel change many lives. This led the Millers to plant the New Life Presbyterian Churches and to make their first trip to war-torn Uganda in 1979.

A few years later, World Harvest Mission was born, and Sonship was launched as a training curriculum to help missionaries understand and live out the gospel. As a result Rose Marie had many opportunities to speak about the power of the gospel to change lives, in both the U.S. and abroad.

Since Jack passed away in 1996, the Lord has given Rose Marie the strength and grace to continue her gospel-centered speaking ministry, and she currently spends eight months a year as part of the World Harvest team in Southall, building friendships and sharing her faith with Asian women in London. She is the author of From Fear to Freedom: Living as Sons and Daughters of God and Nothing is Impossible with God: Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and Power (New Growth Press).

Miller has five children, twenty-four grandchildren, and twenty (and counting) great-grandchildren. She divides her time between London, England and Jenkintown, PA.
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