My Saturday Pinterest project - Part 1 - Mike

This is the second Saturday in the last couple of weeks that I have spent the day on a Pinterest project. Perhaps, I should make that a goal of each weekend whether it be a recipe or some other kind of creation.

Sometime over the past week or so, I also came across a website that was dedicated to Pinterest projects gone horribly wrong. Maybe not so much HORRIBLY, but certainly did not look like the original creation.

Now, for the life of me, I cannot find the website. I thought I bookmarked it or pinned it or something. Oh, well. But the point of this ramble is that I may have a submission for this site if I ever find it.

Months ago, I saw the picture below on Pinterest.

I've posted before about Paige's love for Mike from Monsters Inc. I decided that I must make this for her.

A few weeks ago, I showed her and she agreed that I must make this. Peyton saw it and immediately said, "Paige would love that!" Peyton wanted to show Paige and was so enthusiastic. Paige being the mean older sister is like, "I've already seen that" in a tone that did not match her little sister's enthusiasm.

Today at my trek to the grocery store, I saw a pumpkin and called my parents asking, "If I buy a pumpkin, can I paint it green and put it on your front porch?"

You see, my front door is hidden from the street and absolutely no one would see it.

My dad agreed. My mom wanted me to go to Walmart with her since I needed paint, so I went to Walmart, on a Saturday, with my mother. That's three strikes against that activity.

Instead of paper, I'm making my arms and legs out of duct tape. Those are going to turn out well. Unfortunately, my first coat of paint did not work well at all. I couldn't find spray paint the right color, and the acrylic glow craft paint ran off. See why it needs to go on a project gone bad site?

Dad and I made a special trip to Home Depot to get neon green spray paint. Dad sprayed it down and we almost both got high.

He's drying in my parents garage. I'll keep you posted as the project progresses.


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