I have someone fooled into thinking I'm an expert

I've been sitting here trying to figure out if I have anything to say tonight. The first thing that comes to mind is regretting my own choice to eat at OMI (and am sure to have nightmares because I ate it after 8 PM), but I don't really think anyone cares that I over indulged in orange dip.

That leads me to the discussion had over my enchiladas drowned in chili that, well never mind. I have evidently somehow given Rachel the impression that I know something about home improvement. She's the over achiever who is pulling up her own carpet and cleaning the hardwoods that lie beneath.

I just watch too much HGTV.

I'm pretty sure my dad would laugh pretty hardily at this because he knows I would not exert such effort.

She is fortunate to have something under her carpets. She actually found screws, nails and lots of dirt under her carpets that were not very old. Under my burnt orange nastiness, I'm pretty sure I have black mold. I'm pretty sure these carpets are as old as the refrigerator I sent away in May. (The one manufactured in 1978.)

However, I was offering educated suggestions on painting her walls. I do know about that. I offered my best advice on covering navy.

I also know that for as long as a I live in my current location, that really dark purple wall will remain purple and the dark walls in the living room will be green because I'm not going to try to cover it!

Maybe she'll let me help her pick colors to decorate. I picked up paint chips when I was hoping to buy a townhouse a couple of months ago. I actually have a collection now. Every time I try to start the process of buying a house (which always falls through), I pick up paint chips.

And, she's going to turn a room into a craft room. I think I'm jealous.


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