Today's post is brought to you by the letters R and S

I don't know that the letter business is going to take off for me and my dad. I wish it would to keep him occupied.

We gave three away as door prizes at the family reunion last weekend. I have two of three of them painted. Dad was right though, the numbers did end up a bit big on this one because I lazily didn't want to make new patterns for the numbers to make them smaller. I'm telling myself the recipient wanted big numbers for 9-1-1 purposes anyway. 

Now, I'm not completely pleased with the S pattern that I made. It's ok. However, what I like about the S is that there's not a vertical line where letters have to go down one side. I free-handed the welcome on there, and Dad loved it. It's a lot easier than painting the block letters after tracing my stencil (which I also made). 

I still have another one I need to make, but the paint was at my house. I have to paint vines on it. Wish me luck. I didn't so much like the ones I did before.

Actually, I have a second one I need to finish, but I think I have to go back to doing the block welcome on it.

Maybe next weekend I can work on finishing the A for inside of my house. It's going to have peacock feathers. Go ahead. Laugh. You'll love it when you see it.

Here's my other creations thus far...

The 800 painted on teal got sanded and turned into the blue welcome one.