You can grow a pineapple like this

Last week, I posted a photo from Instagram of a pineapple I am soaking in water. I posted it because it was my picture of the day which I have decided to let go. I'll sidetrack this story a moment.

I've been behind on doing my blog posts each day. As I make this post for "Friday," it is actually Monday night at 11:30, but by golly, I'm going to keep up having a post per day. I forget from time to time to do my Instagram picture of the day, but it's happening more often and my pictures are more lame than my blog posts (as if that is possible), so I decided I could let it go.

Anyway, my pointless pineapple top.

My boss, Amy, (as well as a radio host who follows me on Instagram) doubted that this is the way you can grow a pineapple. Now, I admit, you aren't going to build your own pineapple farm in a very timely way by doing this. You probably couldn't grow one fruit in a several year span. However, you can grow a plant this way. Author Deborah Raney, who also has a blog, Novel Garden, had my back.

Cut off the top of a fresh pineapple, trim it around to the core, and take off some of the leaves at the base. Soak it in water for a couple of weeks to get it to start rooting (do put in fresh water often), then plant it. You won't really see roots after a couple of weeks, but it takes soaking it a couple of weeks before you can plant it.

Now, granted, about half of the time, they don't root when I plant them. After you plant them, if you pull at the leaves in the middle and they come out, it didn't take. However, if they don't pull out, you still have a chance.

I over-watered one over the winter that didn't make it, but thankfully this one did well in the sunroom. This is the first one I ever tried about a year and a half ago. It actually came off the top of a pineapple that I grew on a pineapple plant I bought at Home Depot.

Even if I never grow fruit on them, I love the way they look. My dad has started buying pineapples just to see if he can root the tops and grow plants because they will make large, cool looking plants.