Frantic, I tell you!

The past few weeks, I have really had to try hard to come up with enough material for daily posts here. I didn't have to do that in May because we had so many books coming out that there was always a press release, tour or Q&A I needed to post. July and August were slow book release months.

September and October's blog schedules are pretty much full on Tuesdays-Fridays. I'm keeping Mondays open for The Bachelor posts, but I'll have more Sundays to fill once I only teach once a month. I will teach one Wednesday night a month too, so maybe I can do a Wednesday night video to post on the next Sunday.

All of a sudden, last week we picked up 6+ new releases, so I've been coordinating pre-release work on all of those plus doing potential client calls. It's fantastic to have new projects, but it all just came in at once, so I'm frantic. Frantically trying to get everything together that we need! It's a good problem to have.

My idiotic Windows 8 laptop has not been helping things. For the past several weeks it has been crankier at start up than it already was. I need for my computer to open and load Outlook immediately. I need for it to stop becoming non-responsive from the get go. It's gotten where I have to start work on the other computer until it decides to get going. After it gets going, it's usually ok.

Technology problems make me high strung.

To start off my day, this morning I was frantic to get a phone number for a call I was supposed to have for a big last minute blog tour. My Outlook was slowly loading, so I was trying to dig the number from my phone. As I reach for the phone, before I could start punching in the number, I get a call from a producer at HLN's Nancy Grace wanting one of our author's for today. A terrific hit, but that means there's going to be a lot of calls and email exchanges on that during the day and it's going to be a last minute scramble. It actually went pretty smoothly until I found out after the fact the weren't able to do the segment because they ran out of time. I wasn't surprised, but it felt like a bit of a waste of time.

I was trying to get something sent off to a co-worker at the end of the day, and I was running late when I needed to leave for church. Just as I was getting ready to hit send and sign off, the doorbell rang. It was UPS delivering a book, which I figured it was, but I still had to check. Then I had to run back-up stairs to grab the stuff I didn't in a rush down the stairs for the door. I frantically rolled into church about 6 minutes late at which time my mother and her friend gave me the look and a point at the watch. People, you're lucky I got here at all!

I asked Rachel if she had dinner plans afterwards to chill out a bit. I was wound up thinking about my to-do lists that are mating and reproducing at a rapid rate, much like my inbox was earlier. I always sort emails by project first thing in the morning, but I didn't finish that until 1:30 this afternoon. I think I had more email by that time today than I did a couple of days put together last week. Everything just combined for a crazy day.

I also forgot to watch last night's Married at First Sight on Hulu and that's one of my new things to look forward to on Wednesdays.

Oh, and a totally unrelated comment to anything else, but we got our free 8x10s from our directory photos taken a few weeks ago. There was an announcement at church tonight that some were on the table. Mom's freaking that she didn't want people to see it. I told her it was going to be in the directory, so I didn't get why it mattered. "But it's going to be small." Fortunately for her, they were in envelopes. I handed her both hers and mine.

She said, "you aren't going to take yours?"

"What am I supposed to do with it? Frame it and hang it in my own bedroom?"

Don't worry folks, I'm not setting up a shrine to myself. Ain't nobody got time for that!