The doozies are out in full force

Sometimes I simply cannot tell you about the things I come across during any given day at work.

I'm not saying that anyone is actually paying attention to anything I post here and that I'm the most connected person there is, but I'm connected enough that there are some stories I simply cannot tell. Suffice it to say there are some crazy people who ask some crazy questions that I must deal with on some level.

One of the tasks I have is to screen inquiries from our website to see if we are a good mutual fit for each other. I'm not saying the author of the book that I emailed today fits in the category of crazy, but I did have to type this in an email:

"While your book looks like a very practical and needed resource for everyone at some point, I gather it doesn’t address the spiritual/evangelistic aspect of being prepared to die."

What I will say is that the author had a photo on her website that I suspect was taken around 1978. The reason I say this is that when I was like two years old, I had my picture taken in front of the same library like backdrop with my grandparents. It was a popular backdrop with professional photographers back in the day.

It reminded me of how in the obituaries so many people's families include a picture from 30 (or more) years ago. I'm not sure if picking out an old photo out of a shoebox was one of the things you should prepare for when you're preparing for your death. However, for that reason, I found the photo fitting.

In another surreal moment, I found myself negotiating, or more like asking, "why?" a client should want to trade blog posts with a company marketing steam showers, walk-in bathtubs, and oven exhaust hoods.

Seriously. Other than the monthly post on what to read while in the bathtub, I really don't see a common thread. Besides, if you go to an appliance website to purchase something, you aren't going to be reading their blog. You won't even find their blog unless you scroll way, way, way down to the bottom of the homepage and look for the word "blog" in 8 pt type.

Here's to hoping next week will have more sanity.