I can procrastinate no more

I'm actually cleaning my house today! 

Ok, so right now I am blogging, and I have come up with plenty of distractions, but I've made some progress. It's also 7:15 PM and I'm not near half way done.

One major step was getting the box for the bookshelf I bought last weekend when I didn't want to clean house out of my dining room floor. (It's more of the hub room to all other parts of the house.) Paige and I put the shelf together this morning. It was sort of a mess. She and I were having a contest to see who could hammer nails into the back to tack the back of the shelf on. Some of our nails ended up sticking out where they shouldn't. I blame myself even if I didn't have the hammer in hand that drove them in.

Before I took Paige home though, we did go on a little excursion to buy curtains for what I am now just calling her room since she's the only one who stays in it. The flimsy tan ones that blocked no light and blended in with the walls needed to go.

While the color wasn't just right, they added some much needed color to the room. Now enough of this! I need to dust my 6 bookshelves and the rest of my office! #hoarder