Oh, those Saturday best of intentions

You know me. I always have all these great plans for Saturdays.

I had intended, as I have for weeks, even months, to clean some clothes out of my closet. If I can tell you how many years I've had some of my clothes because I wore them in pictures while I was on vacation 5, or 8 years ago, it's time they go. And to think I purged a lot when I moved a year and a half ago.

I guess you can say I barely got it started, here's what I did get done of the project.

  • Picked up the paper shredder so that I could shred some old journals that have been sitting on one spot in a box in my closet since I moved here. A) I don't want to rehash, B) I don't want them read if anyone ever has to go through my stuff, and C) they are in a pantyliner box that someone in my family picked up at the Dollar Store when I moved and I'm tired of looking at that box
  • Bought some really cheap shoe racks and put most of my shoes on them in my closet.
Preparing for a work day in my classroom at church next weekend was another thing on my list. I accomplished:
  • Digging some things out of the upstairs closet to take to use
  • Found some bulletin board stuff I forgot I had
  • Bought some clear beads so Rachel can come over and string them on fishing line for rain - which was her idea. However, I didn't find the kind of beads that I want, so it's going to be a bigger pain to string. 
I did finish a letter that I've owed someone for a while. I was supposed to make it match one my parents had at their house. I even tried finding one on sale at Hobby Lobby last month so that I didn't have to try to paint it. I only found O, and I forgot what the other letter was. G maybe.

Also, I painted these words that I found half price to use in the classroom. I wish I have found "believe" and something else. They look better than how they show up in the picture. They were only $2.50 and $3.00 each, but dad decided to try cutting a pair out of the wood we cut letters from. It kept him occupied for a while, and I may use the wooden versions at my house. As cheap as they were when I bought them, it's not really worth cutting from wood, and he said so. But, he's the one that wanted to try it. 

A few weeks ago, Mom and said that maybe she and I would go somewhere this weekend on a shopping excursion. But, she bought a chair she was on the hunt for a couple of weeks ago in Waco, and I bought the curtains I was looking for at Big Lots. 

Last night, when I asked her if she was going to clean the house today like she told me she was several days ago, she said, "I don't have to. I told Dad that I had told you I would do something with you." That kind of made me feel like a little kid though I know she didn't mean it that way. I let her off the hook knowing that she's had to go back and forth to Kaufman so many times in the past two months (with another trip tomorrow and back Monday, I guess), and went a couple of weeks ago to Waco to drop off something (I wasn't interested in going then), an overnight trip to Carthage last weekend, and going to Palestine with some friends tonight for another music show. I know how she usually says, "I just want to stay home one weekend."

While I did go to Mesquite last weekend spur of the moment with Angie, I wouldn't have minded going somewhere, but didn't have a mission in mind.

She and I did get a chance to talk about my vacation, or lack thereof, angst. I think my thoughts of a trip to Colorado are officially off the table. She and I might go to the giant flea market in Round Top by ourselves - just she and I if we can convince Dad to stay at home. That way we can also shop and do some other things she likes to do (and I will do) that she doesn't get to do with their traveling companions who aren't into the same things. The things she and I would do on a vacation. I just remembered... if we are going to go, we are going to need a hotel room. I better check that out now. If we can't find a room, that may be off the agenda which would be my luck.