Anger breeds creativity breeds...

Originally, I had planned to keep the room that my friend Rachel and I had decorated for Vacation Bible School to stay decorated through summer and into the fall. The kids really liked it, and I had talked with all the teachers I'm going to be in a rotation with about keeping it up when started the new quarter.

I'll keep the next part of the story short. Half of the room got un-decorated and I didn't take it well. I was bothered that the work I put in was largely disregarded and certainly unappreciated when there was no reason for what was on the walls to bother anyone.

So, wound up from those decorations having fizzled, I decided with the new quarter being focused on starting an Old Testament study, I'd just redo it all. One section of the room can focus on creation and the Garden of Eden. I can put up a big ark. Eventually, we can have a Red Sea out in the hall that leads to my classroom and Rachel's across the hall. A tabernacle... walls of Jericho.

My ideas runneth over! Excitement took over! Creativity flowed! My team teachers encouraged! I even started a Pinterest board.

Now a few days later, I'm like, "yeah, that's going to be really cool, but now I have to do work."

Once I get to work though, I know that I'll get excited again. It will greatness. The kids will be excited. All will be terrific. You will be impressed with the pictures.

Wish me luck!