Debora M. Coty shows women how to open their hearts to the absolute, infinite love of God

Discovering God’s ‘Intentional,

Unconditional, Without-Limits Love’

Debora M. Coty shows women how to open their hearts
to the absolute, infinite love of God

In a world where a woman’s acceptance so often seems contingent on her looks, behavior or talents, does anyone love her simply for who she is? Debora M. Coty answers that question with a resounding “yes” in her new book, Too Loved to Be Lost: Discovering God’s Intentional, Unconditional, Without-Limits Love (Barbour Books/October 1, 2014/ISBN: 978-1628369694 /$9.99).

“I believe that women today spend a lot of time feeling taken advantage of, judged unfairly and accepted only within certain boundaries,” Coty says. “We need to know — really KNOW —there is One who doesn’t condemn or critique us, but instead loves, forgives and accepts us — quirks, meltdowns, zits and all.”

Coty says as women fear loss of acceptance and try to outperform one another, they can begin to view God as a ruthless, judgmental, stern entity just waiting for us to crash and burn.Sure, our heavenly Father is holy and just. He’s righteous and wants us to be too. But that doesn’t make Him a mean ole hulking principal stalking the halls with a big paddle. That is so not our loving Papa God.”  Filled with Coty’s trademark quirky humor, Too Loved to Be Lost offers women simple, practical steps for finding healing, refreshment and revitalization of spirit, body and faith.

Coty chose to use a travel theme for her book to illustrate life’s journey. A self-professed, “directionally challenged” traveler, Coty believes most women will experience the hopeless feeling of being truly lost at some point in their lives. She knows because she’s been there herself, struggling with depression for two years following six heart-wrenching miscarriages. “My wounds were so painful and raw that I distanced myself from the Lord,” Coty admits. “At my lowest point, He reached down to me with His tender mercies and gently began chipping away at the rock that was my heart.”

Coty tells readers that God allows detours to happen in their lives to show them deeper and higher facets of his limitless love. Whether they’re struggling with issues related to trust, depression, patience, relationships, hurts or hopes, Too Loved to be Lost will bring readers back to a secure love that no one can take away.

Too Loved to Be Lost is the fourth installment in Coty’s “Take on Life” series. Much like her earlier releases in the series, Faith, Fear, and a Fistful of Chocolate, Too Blessed to be Stressed and More Beauty, Less Beast, this latest volume is filled with humor and will deliver a much-needed smile while equipping readers with simple-to-implement tips for attaining the kind of guidance and belonging they crave — the kind only found in the unconditional love of Papa God.

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Advance Praise

“I’m telling you, I love Too Loved to be Lost from the title in and right out the other side! In her distinctively charming, chatting-among-girlfriends style, Debora Coty uses stories from real life and sweet biblical truths to remind us how we can know we’re loved, how to feel we’re loved, and how to spread that love outside our own comfort zones. Insightful, scriptural, smile-producing — you’ll get to the end of this book feeling, well, precious.

~ Rhonda Rhea, TV host, author of Join the Insanity and Espresso Your Faith

“In Too Loved to be Lost, award-winning author Debora Coty invites readers along on an uplifting, humorous journey to discover — or rediscover — the deep and wide and unlimited love of God. By the time you come to the last page, you’ll feel a boost in your soul, a jolt of spiritual inspiration, and a bounce in your step. I guarantee you’ll reach for another of Debora’s uplifting, thought provoking books.”

~ Suzanne Woods Fisher, award winning and bestselling author of “The Inn at Eagle Hill” series

“In her book, Too Loved to Be Lost, Deb Coty drags up a chair and plops down for the best kind of girlfriend chat ever: humorous, insightful, and really quite personal, as she shares her life experiences on every page. Disclosing both her trip-ups and her triumphs make her a trusted source for her message: God loves you intentionally, unconditionally, and there’s nothing you can do to stop Him! Scripturally sound, filled with practical tips and chapter-ending questions point the way to the only possible conclusion: He loves me. He really loves me.

~ Deb DeArmond, speaker and author of Related by Chance, Family by Choice and I Choose You Today

About the author

Debora M. Coty has a gift for getting across sound biblical concepts with a refreshing lightheartedness. She is able to use humor to engage her readers and get to the heart of the topics women struggle with most. Coty began writing to fill the void when her youngest child left for college, and it has since become a passion.

Coty is the author of 14 books, including Too Love to Be Lost, Fear, Faith and a Fistful of Chocolate, More Beauty, Less Beast and Too Blessed to be Stressed. She has also contributed to numerous devotionals for women. Coty also writes a monthly newspaper column titled “Grace Notes: God’s Grace for Everyday Living.”

In addition to being a published author and popular speaker, Coty is an orthopedic occupational therapist and a tennis addict.

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