Trying to get ahead on my craftiness

Since last year I was scrambling to finish crochet projects for Christmas, I said I was going to start early this year and started buying supplies with my "profits" to have items ready ahead of time.

Then, I quit crocheting for 6 months. I didn't quit buying yarn, but that's another story. I'm trying to get some hats (and possibly other items) made up.

I'll post better pictures soon and add some prices, in case any of you are interested. I hope my new phone has a better camera (whatever I decide to get). The colors are so very wrong on the top two. Going to have to get my real camera out.

I also finished a thank you gift this weekend that I should have done three weeks ago. We're also making letters for gift giving if you'd like to order one! The 18" letters are $20 with custom colors, and painted designs. To see more samples, visit my Pinterest board!