Good news/bad news

So, I've spent the evening working on my taxes.

I've pulled up all my information from working at home and figuring out utilities, filling out computer costs. Entered everything that I could.

And by using the level of software right over the free one, I lost money.

So glad I spent my Friday night doing this. The only positive here is that I didn't owe money.

I had to clear out and I am going to have to start over on the free version to get my tax refund of $15.

I can't even order the pizza I thought about ordering tonight for that.

Guess I won't be making a big payment on a credit card. Heck, I can't make a minimum payment on my credit card.

And because it is 8:00 PM on a Friday night, and I haven't had dinner, I'll just have to file tomorrow.


I did taxes one year on a free thing and freaked because it said I owed sonething like $1200. I took it to a numbers professional and I actually got back $4200... So...I'm really not a numbers person.
And odds are 7 to 1 you cream me in trivia crack. So there's that.
Audra Jennings said…
I usually always do my taxes except the past two years because of the previous self-employment thing. I know I entered everything in right. I'm just glad I didn't take it tax person and end up going in the hole.

I haven't answered but one question right on Trivia Crack thus far. I'm not betting my tax refund.