#TheBachelor finally makes it to a beautiful place to fall in love

Tonight, we actually arrive in a beautiful place to fall in love. (They would say that about a garbage dump, I think.) Bali.

No desert.

No dirt.

No brown water.

Ocean and palm trees and lush tropical scenery. The most exotic place Farmer Boy has ever been too. The resort is definitely much more elaborate than the hotel back in Des Moines.

It's down to the final three: Kaitlyn, Whitney and Becca. He claims to be falling in love with all three.

I admit: I am team Becca.

I don't get Kaitlyn as a choice.

If it weren't for her voice, I could handle Whitney.

First up on a date: Kaitlyn

Will they be able to have a serious conversation? After greeting one another with a kiss, there will be no more of that once they enter the temple. Hallelujah! Unless you are just looking for the best kisser, we need more than that.

Inside the temple, they try to carry baskets on their heads like the native women. They meditate and make their offerings before heading off to experience the local culture and trying to make friends with the monkeys. One quickly makes friends with Chris and mounts his head at the sight of a banana. Especially after one pees on Chris, Kaitlyn is especially anxious around the monkeys. I can't say that I blame her.

After the monkey experience, they sit down to chat and talk about how last week went with the parents.

Over dinner, Kaitlyn is especially nervous. (I can only imagine the pressure Becca will feel.) Kaitlyn hopes she doesn't have a guard up, and wants Chris to know how she feels about him. He's pretty confident as he whips out the invitation to the Fantasy Suite.

She can't imagine saying no to that. He says they deserve it. I don't know what there is to deserve. She stops shaking once she gets her invite. Sad, sad, sad stuff.

When they go into the suite, she says she's opened up to him more than she's opened up to anyone. She's falling in love with him. He's falling in love with her.

Next up, Whitney.

The question on Chris' mind is given that Whitney loves her job so much, can she see herself in Iowa, even though she has proclaimed her love?

Everyone greets Chris with a run and jump and wrap your legs around Chris' waist greeting. I hope his back holds up.

Today, they are going sailing on the Indian Ocean. While enjoying their view, Whitney lays out how she was annoyed at her sister's attitude towards him, even though their tragic childhood weighed on how Kimberly views the world. Her sister has a point about the whole thing. Chris tells Whitney that he does respect her sister's opinion, but she's not the one that has a say.

I think she jabbers too much. Maybe I just say that because of that voice. Maybe in an effort to stop the chat, they decide to jump ship and go for a swim.

Not one inch of Whitney's soul doubts that she wants to marry Chris. Chris just hopes the evening goes well.

Tonight, Chris plans to talk to her about whether or not she thinks she'll be able to give up her baby making career to move to Arlington. Does she have any concerns about the small town living?

She says she thinks she has a disadvantage because she didn't see the town like the other women did. It's a town of 500. If you want to do anything, you have to get in the car and drive somewhere.

When looking at a map, that's probably not where she wants to be. She's worked so hard to get where she is, but all of her life, she's wanted to be a wife and mom. Her career was kind of her fall back plan.

Well, it's a good thing I have a job since I don't have a husband and kids. 

After she says enough to convince him that she wants to make babies with him rather than in a lab, he hands her the fantasy suite card and she declares, "check please!"

She is more than eager. While Kaitlyn's bathtub was full of roses, this one is full of bubbles. Will Becca's have jello?

Finally, it's Becca's turn.

Some people have been way too excited to see what happens on this date. If Chris can't respect her integrity for being a virgin, then he's not the guy for her. Period. This is why I am team Becca.

Becca is unsure of how the conversation is going to go and expects to get more nervous as the day goes on.

She gets points for not hooking her legs around him when they hug.

Chris is nervous because Becca has never been in love and doesn't know how that bodes for if they can fall in love.

Hi "amazing thing to share" with Becca is seeing how the locals live off the land. They have cute moments with the local children. They too go into a temple and talk to one of the local prophets. The questions sound like ones you would ask a Magic 8 Ball.

When asked what they should do to make the night special, the guru says, "make love." Talk about uncomfortable laughter...

They get along so well, but is she possibly falling in love? This is what Chris wonders. When they sit down to talk, she starts sharing her feelings.

Just because someone has not been in love does not mean she can't fall in love. It doesn't mean that she is incapable. There's a first time for everything. (No pun about that intended.)

She admits she would have to be very, very sure about their relationship before committing the move to Iowa. Becca also admits that while she's never been in love before, she is having feelings now that she has never had before so believes she is falling in love with him. She honestly asks Chris what he thinks about that. He feels like he is falling too.

When he hands her the fantasy suite card, the time comes to get honest.

There was a time on this show where the fantasy suite opened the opportunity for sex, but it didn't mean that everyone was definitely following through. What happened to the days where they at least faked that they were going to talk the night away to get to know each other better? Time to just appreciate the time away from the cameras to get to spend some time together?

I guess those days went by the wayside after Juan Pablo. 

Becca is well aware that this conversation could be a deal breaker. She would love to spend time alone to get to know each other. He agrees so far. {insert kissing here}

They head off to the room. It's been a great day so far, and Chris is looking forward to one on one time without the distractions. She finally gets the nerve to talk more. Becca starts by saying that bringing him home to his family was a big deal. She is starting to fall in love with him. However, she has to tell him something and get his true feelings about. He has to expect this right? He lets out a deep breath to her virginity confession. He says it's never easy to respond to that. He respects it in a lot of ways, he says. (What's that supposed to mean? Seriously? In some way he doesn't?) But, he is surprised.

Becca tells the interview camera that his response was perfect.

The next morning, Chris says their overnight date went well and that he can definitely see himself with her. However, he woke up terrified about where their future stands. 

Chris thinks that Becca has more reservations about moving to Arlington than the others. I think she's just more honest and level headed about it. The decision he's faced with does bring Chris to tears. "I have to make some gut decisions that may be wrong."

The monkeys are curious.

Conflicted time means Chris Harrison has to make an appearance. He tells Harrison how open he thinks Kaitlyn and Whitney are about moving to Iowa. I didn't exactly hear eagerness from either one of them. However, he can't just let go of Becca either. Harrison asks about Becca's news and how he felt about that.

He has to feel something big for Becca to be agonizing like he is. Or it's all scripted and we had to have some kind of drama.

The Chris' are at a sacred temple (no PDAs allowed - think Duggar style with hand holding only) with white suits and fancy silk cummerbunds for the rose ceremony. The women are in native dress waiting for Chris at the bottom of the steps. 

Chris starts off by complimenting the beautiful ladies, takes a deep breath and declares how lucky he is. Yet, it's been heart-wrenching. Then, he asks if he can talk to Becca privately.

Whitney turns to Kaitlyn beaming because she thinks that another one is out of the running.

Becca tells Chris that she is crazy for him and doesn't want them to be over. It's not the show that has her feeling this way. It's him! She's willing to talk more and more about their future if given the chance.

So much for being honest and real. Becca is the most honest. We all know this may not work out, and it's stupid to not realize that. He wants more commitment at this point than anyone should logically be able to make.

Back up the way, Kaitlyn's gut tells her that Chris is telling Becca goodbye which makes her excited too. Aw snap Kaitlyn!

Chris and Becca walk back in hand in hand. Whitney makes her huffy face. Chris is going to have a handful if he does choose her and she doesn't get her way.

Whitney is confused and caught off guard. After all, if Becca is right for him, then she is not. Becca is too young and inexperienced in her opinion.

First rose goes to... Whitney.

Kaitlyn may fall ill any second.

Becca receives the other rose. 

Chris asks Kaitlyn if he can walk her out. I wouldn't hold hands with him during this walk, but what do I know?

Chris tells Kaitlyn that nothing happened, but there are some things he doesn't understand right now. He had no idea it would be this hard, but this is it. His gut decision doesn't make sense, but he has to trust it not knowing if it is the right decision. A rooster crows really loudly. It has to be a sign, right?

Though he thinks the world of her... he's scared... He holds her as she cries. She doesn't want to get in the car.

As she rides away, Kaitlyn decides this is the most humiliating moment of her life. Her mind is blown. She is confused. She does her crying ride of shame.

Next week... The women tell all! I expect cat fights! Rawwwrrr!